Stock Portfolio Update May 2020

Investment Portfolio update May 2020

Hello everyone with an Investor’s Mindset!

After a couple turbulent months earlier in the year followed by two months of not writing the blog, I decided it’s time for a change.

Over the last three months I kept track of my P2P portfolio, taking screenshots at the 1st of every month to track the progression. It’s not moving much due to a lot of payment schedules being postponed because of the crisis. So I made in 3 months as much as I would have otherwise in 1 month (pre-Kuetzal & Envestio schandals).

So what have I done since the last update? Well a couple of things:

  • Staying safe & staying at home
  • Finished a huge project at work with a tight deadline whilst working from home. As this took a lot of my time (usually 14 hour working days) I just didn’t feel like blogging
  • Focused more on stock investing, which means I have right now €34000 of my own money invested in individual stocks. I’m in the red, but that’s fine as this is also a long-term dividend investing strategy
  • Started withdrawing most of my money out of Robocash. Whilst I believe in the platform and might consider going back -> I don’t think their buyback of the delayed loans is not sustainable in the longer term. And we all know this crisis could continue for a good while. I just don’t see them having enough money to cover everything for their investors
  • Teaching myself with paper trading how to daytrade (scalping)

Time for a change

Which means my investment portfolio has changed a lot recently. Taking a big hit in P2P means now that everything related to stocks is worth 4x more than my crowd investments.

Therefor I think it’s time I start showing you my dividend investing portfolio instead of my P2P investments, and maybe only do a once per year update on my P2P investments. Looking at the updates starting from January this year, I’m actually surprised that I managed to find €15000 in five months to invest in the stock market. I guess my savings accounts suffered slightly because of it. But I still have a couple of months’ salary as reserve fund there so it should be all fine. Always keep that in mind, don’t overinvest just in case. And never invest what you can’t afford to lose.

Diversified Stock Portfolio May 2020

Stock investing

Seeing as I invest in large companies with a nice dividend, I’ve now broken €1500 in dividend payments per year, of which more than half of that is tax-free (per person). I’m quite happy with that, no matter what the market does! The portfolio has been hit only with a couple of dividend cuts so overall I’m very happy that most keep going strong.

So above is a first look at my portfolio. It’s a mix of European, US and Asian stocks. I’ve also tried to expose myself to as many markets as possible to keep a good diversified spread.

Below is my full list of stocks. I’m down still on most of them since I did most of the purchases last year and I’m trying to average down now each month:

Current value (including dividends & tax returns): €30,899.21

Dividend stock portfolio May 2020


The list is sorted on Dividend payment date, in case you were wondering, with this week NN, Orange & Pfizer incoming.

As you see I’m still down on most stocks. I do purchases every time with around €1000 plus the dividends I receive. The biggest torn in the portfolio is currently Wereldhave. Which makes sense as Mall REITs were hurt badly by the Covid-19 situation and they’ve paused their dividend. I’m sure all other stocks will eventually come back to the green. And in the meantime I’m just collecting the dividend payments.

For now I’ll try to keep investing whenever I receive my salary in the stock market. I also guess it only makes sense that I document this on the blog. No affiliates really connected to this – but that doesn’t matter. I keep this as a blog of my investment journey and I hope you like coming on this journey with me.

One affiliate program I’m still a member of I would like to mention. For all of us who sometimes send money internationally, Transferwise is a great, low cost option. So surely I can recommend you take a look and save a lot on bank/transfer fees + get a better conversion rate at the same time.

To end with, I’ll leave you with my most favorite website for tracking the stocks: Seeking Alpha.

They are not the best for tracking European stocks but therefor I use Google Finance and a Belgian website.

Take care, stay safe & speak soon!

Kind regards,


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