Envestio Review 2019

Envestio – My experience after 1 full year on this crowdlender.

Envestio was actually my most favourite platform after being only a little while into Peer To Peer Lending. Based on that, it was actually my very first platform to write a review about on the 15th of August 2018.

So exactly one year later I thought it would be a great time to update my opinion.

Is it still my favourite platform in my portfolio? No it isn’t, but that is mostly due to its own success. And to be fair, it is a close second. If they can clean up some of the issues they’ve been having recently, then I have no doubt in a nice future for them as a crowdlender.

Envestio is still the platform I have the most invested in; €3000, with a total value now of €3562,79. I’ve actually started on 02/07/2018 with only €1000 and added another €2000 on 07/11/2018. Which means at this rate I should reach a clean €1000 euro profit during spring of 2020.

I don’t think there are many other forms of investment that can achieve this in such a short amount of time. It’s even still crazy for me when I see those return numbers every month, which is averaging slightly above €50 on only (?) a €3000 investment.


Envestio Review

Mintos interest rates dropping? Envestio review, my first recommendation in Peer to Peer Lending!

Hello to all with an Investors Mindset!

​As this is my very first review of one of the platforms I have invested in, I hope you do me the favour of taking it a little bit easy on me with comments… But good advice is very much appreciated! I will always try to write my posts in an easy to read style – I am but a simple person myself – with honest thoughts and 100% real numbers.

So let’s dive into the review… The below review is fully based on my own opinions and experience.

Mintos was the platform I was most excited about when I started investigating peer to peer lending platforms. This started nearly three months ago, not too long after my marriage. The reason being of course trying to approach our future smart, financially speaking.

After that, it took me about a month to have my diversified portfolio of 6 different platforms, where I had invested a total of €5500 in. At the time of this post, nearly one and a half months into the platforms on average, the total portfolio value is just a little above €5600. Not bad at all… already €100 up. I believe with that amount in Belgium I would have gotten €5 after a full year!

A big part of this interest increase has to do with Envestio, which has a portfolio value of €1026.11 at the time of writing, with a few more payments coming up this month. As I only started investments with them on the 2nd of July, I have to admit… not bad!

​The reason why I’m not writing a review about the first platform I started investing in, Mintos, but the one I ended with (for now – doing some renovations in the apartment so further investing will be delayed a bit) is just because of the all-around great impression they gave me. And yes, because of the announced Mogo buybacks on Mintos (read more), their interest rates have dropped quite a bit.

So first of all, who is Envestio?

Are they trustworthy? Is Envestio a scam? Do they have long-term stability and plans?

As always, don’t take my word for it, do your own research as there are always risks involved.

Envestio started approximately 4 years ago, have offices in Riga, Latvia and offer investment opportunities in Real Estate, Business, Energy and also Cryptomining equipment. Their website is easy to use and understand.

Envestio ​offers a very clear overview and can get you started very quickly. You can start investing with as low as €100. Their focus on Crowdinvesting with great and interesting projects made me a believer and I can vouch they are definitely not a scam and are growing to become a P2P Lending platform to be reckoned with.

At the time of writing, August 15th, they had their first “1-day project” (open to the crowd in the morning and fully financed by the evening) on the platform. It was the “Biomass fuel – factoring 1” project with total value of €40,000.

Their latest numbers (as of the end of July) are: €1,441 mln invested, 854 people registered.

Some bonus points about Envestio:

  • Good interest rates, on average a whopping 18% since I joined. They’ve recently added the Biomass Fuel project, which is giving 22%, or a new Crypto mining option with 20,5%. I always advise to diversify, so up to you to take your pick.

And the above Projects are just two examples of the six active investment options.

  • Good starting bonus of €5 and another 0,5% of the total invested amount over the first 9 months! You can see below my own “Timespan bonus for Invitee” of €5,77. This is because I used an affiliate link to join and was already paid out after 1 month based on my total investments over that period.
  • Extremely useful overview on the homepage Dashboard. The “Investments repayment schedule” will show exactly how much interest is coming in next by showing the 10 next results as default.
  • On time payment of all the loans! If I’m honest this to me is a very big plus. Because for some of the other platforms delayed payments are a real hassle. Below the overview of interest received in July.
  • Good choice of projects, with plenty of availability. What I mean by this is there has been a steady flow of new projects and the active ones aren’t sold out in one day or even one week. This gives investors like us the time to investigate a bit and not having to act immediately.
  • Detailed information about the projects, with pictures and exact payment dates & amount. Envestio compares it to an investment of €1000. That way you can easily calculate if you invest €100 or €500 yourself the monthly return.
  • Buyback option and guarantee on the projects. Please read on the Envestio blog for more info.
  • A useful statistic, even though at the moment there is only one. This might be a suggestion to them to expand the options here a little bit.

I could go on… but safe to say out of the 6 current platforms Envestio ​is my favourite. And not solely based on the high-interest returns.

I hope this platform has a great future ahead. However, I must warn everyone reading this (thank you very much for that by the way!) investing in peer to peer lenders always comes with risk. That’s why the key really is diversification. If one of my investments fails and I lose my money on it, the others will make up for it after 1 year due to the great rates. So please make sure to do your due diligence before investing.

This brings me to the end… my conclusion

Envestio has given me the confidence to recommend them as a p2p platform and so far the contact I have had with their people have been really smooth with a very quick response. From the moment I joined, one and a half months ago, there have been no shortages on loans and they’ve had a steady flow of new projects. This is a big bonus point for me.

So if this lights a small fire within you, feel free to sign up through any of the links on my blog. This will give you the bonus mentioned above, and will also help me with keeping the blog alive.

If you would like to share any of your own experiences with Envestio, or any of the other platforms you’d like to get a review about. Feel free to leave a comment and I’ll make sure to get back to you.

Again, I’d like to take a moment to thank you and I wish you a very pleasant day. Happy investing!

Kind regards,


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