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Hi all, thank you for visiting this newly started blog. The goal is clear (Solid you could say), I’m starting to take my first steps into investing to eventually arrive at a steady passive income whilst building compound interests over time. Focus is on P2P (Peer to Peer) lending, Crowdfunding – mostly invest in Real Estate and Business projects, stock market and eventually owning and renting out Real Estate.

Over the last few weeks – all my free time went into investigating potential options to incrementally grow my financial situation, taking into account risk v.s. reward. I recently married my beautiful Filipina wife and that opened my eyes even more towards the/our future. This means after my fulltime job as CRM specialist I’ve spent the many evenings, as well as almost every free moment during the weekend browsing. Here I saw that especially P2P Lending and Crowdfunding is becoming more popular in Europe, but not too much detailed information (with results) or blogs are up-and-running for this… Hopefully this will become a source of just that for European investors. Informative and detailed information with real results. With clear results on how to double the investment in less than 6 years.

I’ve always had a mindset towards stock investing, saving for the future / pension and good at saving. As an example 5 years ago I’ve loaned from the bank for my apartment. I took the loan over 30 years. Now 5 years later I’ve already paid off over 50% of this loan. Just because I’m able to manage my salary against expenses very well, as we don’t have options like HELOC for example in Europe. However my next goal is bigger… much bigger.

Here you will find in the very near future reviews of; MintosRobocashBondoraGrupeerCrowdestorEnvestio and much more. Potentially also about Cryptocurrency, Stock market picks, dividends, Real Estate, …

After my initial steps in these platforms – these made my top 5 (more will come as time goes on):


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