Stock Market

Stock Portfolio Feb19

My start in the stock market as of Feb19. I’ve used the averaging down method on one stocks, as one of them was down 10%. By doing that I’m almost break-even on it again.

I’ve always been very interested in the stock market. This has probably been going on for 10 years.

Over the last 5 years I have kept Excel files of stocks I would have fictively bought at a certain date, checking the returns once per year. It has been a bull market for sure, but I think I’ve beaten the S&P500 returns over that period.

Now that I’m a bit more financially free I’ve decided as of 01/02/2019 to start investing in the stock market with a total goal of €10.000. Since there is a lot of talk the market might crash I’m mostly lowering my risk by going to the higher dividend paying stocks – aiming for an average of 4%. Also, I don’t need this invested amount for at least 5 years (that’s when I want to buy my 2nd real estate property) so even if there is a crash, I’m sure the market has by then recovered. If not, I can easily wait a year or more longer.

Because I got rather excited in my first month (Feb 2019) I already invested €5000. I might add another €2000-€3000 or so before May, because as a bonus with the Belgian platform Bolero, I received free brokerage credit of which I have €60 left. This is only valid until 25/05 so would be a little bit of waste if I didn’t use (most) of it by then. I’m receiving back my taxes in April… which will probably go directly into this portfolio.

I’ll give a monthly update of the evolution and value of my stock portfolio. The idea for this page is to is to have a listing my stocks, their dividend percentage, my average buying price per stock, the current real-live stock price and total value. By no means am I a seasoned stock investor, but I think I have a smart investors mindset and should do well in the long term, and I’m very excited for this new journey!