Robocash Review 2019

Is the Peer to peer lending platform Bondora worth it? No! Look at Robocash instead.

Originally I had planned to review all the platforms I’ve invested in in order of my initial investments.

However, I decided to no longer write one for Bondora, as I don’t have many positive experiences with it. So I’m skipping straight to Robocash instead.

I’ve been thinking of converting my Bondora to the “Go and Grow” option, and go for 6.75% p.a. But why would I do this, when I compare Robocash having a fully buyback guaranteed 12% option?

I’m almost 12 months into this crowdlender and all is still going well.

Robocash Affiliate

About the platform

The Robocash P2P platform started in early 2017 in Latvia, but existed before as loan originator since 2010. In early 2019 they have relocated to Croatia. It’s open to investors out of Europe and Switzerland. The minimum amount to invest with is only €10. There is however a maximum of €10.000 (per year). They have been profitable every year over the last years and are a one of the more trusted Lenders in the P2P world.

Robocash is not shy to give interviews and also join FinTech conferences, which says a lot about their trustworthiness and stability.

How to get started

To get started is really easy. Setting up an account takes only 4 steps and are straight forward.

My money transfer took only 2 days. Setting up auto invest is straight forward and simple (shown below). With my current settings, this P2P Lending platform is pretty much just sit back and collect money – a bit later than the loan terms, but it gives comfort knowing you won’t lose out on any principal or interest.

In April (2019) they had 6200 investors, over €6.600.000 invested and €725.000 interest for investors.

About the loans

Loans are spread out over 6 loan originators based in Spain (Prestamer ES), Latvia + Russia (RC Riga / Zaymer RU), Kazakhstan (Tez Credit, Zaimer KZ, Z-Finance) and recently Robocash PH out of the Philippines joined also. In the past there was quite some cash drag, but that has completely been solved now by the good amount of available loans.


  • Extremely easy to use platform
  • Buyback guaranteed on 31st day of delay
  • Plenty of available loans, no cash drag
  • Withdrawing works, and works fast
  • Well working Auto Invest
  • Good account statement overview & great FAQs
  • Helpful and friendly support team


  • Currently no starting bonus
  • Most loans go overdue, triggering buyback
  • Since start in 2018 lowered interest rate by 2% (14% to 12%)
  • Not the highest interest rates around
  • Hard to see how they remain profitable with so many buybacks
  • No secondary market options

My auto invest settings

Investments on this P2P Lender are completely automated as there is no options to select loans manually. Please find my settings below:

Robocash Auto Invest Settings

I know, wishful thinking the interest rates might go up to 15% again… but hey, life is for the dreamers, right?

I have all 6 loan originators selected in my strategy.

About the different Investment strategies:

  • Balance: principal + interest will not be auto-invested, but will remain on your balance. This can be for a withdrawal
  • Payout: When there is at least €50 in your balance, this would automatically trigger a withdrawal to your bank account. This has been tested and verified to be working by myself
  • Reinvest full amount: Principal + interest will get picked up by your auto-invest
  • Reinvest principal amount: Will only reinvest your returned principal automatically, the received interest will go to your Balance

What is really great on their options, is that you could automatically have your interest paid out, giving you some extra income directly on your bank account. As far as I know Robocash is rather unique in this option.

My current account statement (23/05/2019)

Robocash Summary Statement


If you are looking for a P2P Lending platform where you can sit back, relax and let compounding do its thing at 12% interest rate, then Robocash might be a platform worth looking into. At this moment I’m still averaging above 13% taking advantage by the initial loans of 14%. However, that will drop near 12% eventually but I’ve made my peace with it.

And to be fair, it’s still well over 10% more than any other type of investment via your bank. So I can certainly toss it a like as easy to use and sit-back, relax and collect money platform.

You can follow my monthly portfolio updates here, if you want to track my progress with Robocash.

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