Investors Mindset Crowdlending Portfolio Update October 2019

Peer to Peer Lending: Portfolio update Oct 2019

Hello everyone with an Investor’s Mindset!

Good morning! Luckily I have a day off today so I have time to write the blog in a very relaxed state. I hope everyone had a nice Hallows’ Eve. October being my birth month means of course spending quality time with friends and family. Always good to know that whilst I’m spending a bit more than usual on the occasion, a decent amount is also coming in without me having to work for it thanks to crowdinvesting!

October 2019Received interestAccount Value
Total (€10.000 start)€144,00€11.828,59

You’ll notice the absence of one platform and it not being replaced by another, but rather an extra deposit on Crowdestor. More about it and my exit on Neo Finance below!


Mintos has been in a big dip going as low as 10% recently. However last few days they have been slowly climbing up to 12% again. I have the 20% loans in KZT to balance that out but the exchange rate isn’t working in our favour currently. Let’s hope they continue to climb back up to 14% or higher before year end.

No matter, any month that I see above €10 returns on Mintos is a good one, so October was no exception in that regard.

The biggest event on the platform this month was the suspension of Rapido Finance.

Mintos Review October 2019


Currently the Robocash platform is not really returning as expected, which should be slightly above €10 every month. That’s why my “Interest by today” almost went up €4 compared to last month.

Luckily however, I can rest assured since when the buyback guarantee triggers, I will receive the full interest amount. That’s why Robocash is a solid choice for 12% loans.

Robocash Review October 2019

Mostly when it comes down to investing or your funds in general it’s best to make calculated decisions. This month I changed my mind last minute and decided to pull out my funds of NeoFinance and reinvest it into Crowdestor. So maybe not the most calculated, even a bit hasted choice… I admit.

To be fair I was looking at two other new and upcoming 20% platforms; Wisefund & Monethera and was already in contact via email with both. However at the time of receiving the NeoFinance balance on my bank account, both didn’t have available loans. Crowdestor at that exact moment had a loan of 26%! I don’t regret the decision, however for the blog would have been nicer to introduce a new platform. But who knows what the upcoming months could bring…

The high percentage might have been too good to be true however, since I’ve received an email that there might be an issue with the loan. Crowdestor stated that it’s good news for investors through the platform. I’m eagerly awaiting news on how this will evolve.

Crowdestor Review October 2019


During October also not much was happening on my Grupeer account. I’ve only received interests, no principals. Which means I could invest in 1 project. Luckily there was a 1% cashback ongoing on a 13,50% loan so not too bad at all.

So far my experience with Grupeer has been a mostly positive one. No issues with the platform at all, the only negative would be that they can’t reach the 15% interest of before anymore. But I’m happy with anything above 13% on this crowdlender.

Grupeer Review October 2019


Back on track with Envestio, collecting over €50 monthly interest! It seems during October Envestio had a steady flow of new loans – most of them very close to each other though so it would be better that it was spread-out a bit.

For the first time my auto invest was triggered. You can check out my Auto invest settings in my recent Envestio Review. My auto invest kicks in at 18% and was able to pick up a loan of 20% this time! All loans this month were starting from 17,50%, so hopefully Envestio can keep this up!

Also! For those who missed it last month, and are doubting the safety of investing on Envestio, here is an example of one of my readers actually withdrawing his profits of €500. This amount was on his bank account one day later, proof:

Envestio Withdraw Example

Envestio Review October 2019


Not much to say other than Neo Finance is a platform I gave an unsuccessful try and withdrew most of my funds so far. I’ve transferred €750 back over to my bank account. Since then I was able to sell a couple of more loans leaving my balance just shy of €100. There is no penalty selling active loans.

The issue is with the final two loans that are overdue. The borrowers have confirmed new payment dates a couple of times now, but payment wasn’t made. Worst case scenario I will have to sell both loans with a 40% loss. If that would be the case, I would most likely lose between €50-€100 in total on the platform. Nothing too major, but knowing that just 3 months ago I was up €50 and this included a new member bonus is not the best news.

So for the record, I’m removing my affiliation with Neo Finance and would NOT recommend you try out the platform.

Neo Finance Do Not Invest


Next to steadily receiving €19.21 monthly now, this was not a good month for Kuetzal! The website of this P2P Lender was attacked and some passwords were deleted.

Luckily after a few tries I was able to reset my password and my account wasn’t affected.

As with any investment there are risks, so always be aware not to invest amounts that you can’t miss. There is always the chance you might lose the investment. And this was also a reminder for me in a way. So not always rainbows and unicorns, but no harm done this time around other than an elevated heartrate for a while.

Kuetzal Review October 2019


I must admit I only checked the platform once or twice during the month, and I received exactly the same interest amount as last month; €2,94. Nothing to write home about, but at least I know my funds is steadily growing… At a faster rate than it would on a bank account.

And in this case it’s a fun feeling to be part-owner of a property that already has a buyer at the end of the loan.

Reinvest24 Review October 2019

Stock investing

I’ve transferred another €1000 into my stock portfolio, bringing my initial investment up to €16000. As mentioned last month, I was able to jump into Tencent at the same rate the stock had in October 2018. So let’s see where this growth stock – actually my first in the portfolio – will take me.

During September my account peaked at €16500, during October it went up to €18300, ending the month with a nicely rounded €2000 ‘profit’. There is always the chance that a huge dip is upcoming, similar to the end of 2018 but we’ll see. Also there is still a lot of talk around a potential market crash next year so I think I’ll keep my platform as is now, ready to act if a use dip would be coming up.

That’s all for now, as always thank you very much for your time in reading the blog. I hope it can add some value in your search and perhaps give you the confidence to jump in on one of the above mentioned Crowdlending options. I’m really trying to be as open as I can showing the actual progress with real numbers, but feel free to reach out if you have any questions at all.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Kind regards,


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