Fintech Alternative Investments November 2019

Peer to Peer Lending: Portfolio update Nov 2019

Hello everyone with an Investor’s Mindset!

Good morning! Always nice to be all relaxed when coming out of bed on a Sunday and write some for the blog. Happy December everyone… already the last month of this year. That just seems too fast.

But hey! I’m not complaining, every month we have interest payments incoming and basically all I have to do is sit back to watch it happen and eventually have compound interest take over. OK sometimes I need to manually perform some actions, but that keeps it fun and is not a chore at all.

As always please allow the numbers to speak for themselves;

November 2019Received interestAccount Value
Total (€10.000 start)€165,29€11993,88

Rather decent month, I think the 2nd highest so far and it’s because of Crowdestor. They have bullet type of payments, which means they don’t always pay each month at the start, but then do a bigger payment after a while. I like it, it’s a mix in income, but I know it’s incoming so no worries at all.

Also, I started slowly – with only €3000 in mid-2018 up to a portfolio of €10000 eventually by February 2019. I have to admit, having almost €12000 in the portfolio now is still amazing to me. I think my bank would pay me €10 at the end of this year for a full year on that amount. This is 200 times more, feel free to let that sink in for a moment and then come to action and start investing too!


Not much difference compared to last months update. Mintos is still struggling with 12% loans in EUR. I prefer the Mintos that has 14% and up, but we’ve seen this happen before and could return in a couple of months.

Combined with my KZT loans and the exchange rate playing a bit in my favor, getting more than €15 interest in one month on a €1000 initial investment is certainly great!

Mintos Review November 2019


Interest by today on Robocash grew again a bit compared to last month, but at least we’re back up to receiving €10 for November on Robocash. As I’m happy with that number as my monthly goal, that’s just fine by me.

I’m hoping however they can close the year strong and give me a very good month of December. A steady 12% on this Crowdlender, with fully secured loans is great because even if payments are late, you can rest assured the funds is coming.

Robocash Review November 2019

Very nice month on Crowdestor, the additional investment in the platform is already paying off. Crowdestor did an update of their website during November. I must say, I think it’s a big improvement and I like it a lot.

Especially the Statistics and upcoming payments in graphical visualisation are great touches. They stuck to their color scheme, of which I’m not the biggest fan, but it’s growing on me.

So, my favorite platform now has;

  • A new and improved website
  • Still going strong on the amount of new loans
  • High interest percentage
  • Provides more incoming interest insights

If you’re looking to start investing in P2P Lenders but are still unsure, Crowdestor is surely a platform I can recommend. They are investing in themselves and I have been investing with them for a year and a half now without complaints.

I can vouch for their trustworthiness and would happily invite you to join us on the platform.

Crowdestor Review November 2019


Averaging around 13% currently, Grupeer is still going very steadily. There always seem to be plenty of loans available to cover the amount of investors. Same as with Mintos I’ve received more than €15 this month on Grupeer, so I can only be happy about that.

I’ve had quite some loans returning in November, but it was no problem at all re-investing the funds.

Grupeer Review November 2019


Envestio is doing what I’m expecting of them, which is returning me above €50 monthly in interest. They have released a couple of loans earlier in November, but very close together. It would be better if they could spread it out more evenly, like to one per week instead of multiple in one week followed by weeks of no new loans.

I’ve had over €1000 sitting idle for a good two weeks now because of it. This will have a direct impact on my interest payments of next month. Right now I’m hoping to re-invest that funds soon, instead of collecting dust and not compounding for me.


Envestio Review November 2019


Seems after the scare on their website, the new log-in form seems to have solved the attack issues on the Kuetzal website. Same as last month I have €19,21 incoming, which on an invested amount of €1000 is just mindblowing.

I think in a way Kuetzal is very similar to Envestio in it’s early days. Still a smaller and more recent platform, but if they can keep going strong it will become a top contender in the crowdinvesting niche.

Kuetzal Review November 2019


Same as last month; €2,94 incoming, so this is not my most exciting platform to write about. Luckily I’m loyal to them as they made sure I could transfer from Bondora to Reinvest24 without taking a loss.

Nothing wrong with the platform at all, just lower payments than I’m used to. More to look forward to when the loan comes to buyout. Then the 6,50% capital growth on top of the current yield will be returned to the investors.

Reinvest24 Review November 2019

Stock investing

As referred to earlier in the post, in February 2019, I didn’t only finish investing €10000 into Crowdlending. I also took my first steps in stock investing! What a ride it has been this year.

Having after less than one full year a combined portfolio of over €30000 where in total only €26000 of my own funds is invested.

I’ll cross my fingers and can only hope that next year yields even better results. Seeing as compounding is the 8th wonder of the world according to Albert Einstein, I can’t wait to see the results!

Additionally, my stock portfolio is focussed on dividend paying stocks with an average above 4%. Over the course of December and January I’ll cash in more than €200 on dividends alone.

If this also gets you excited, feel free to get in touch. I’m more than happy to get you on your way also!

Have a great Sunday everyone, thank you for following the blog.

Kind regards,


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