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Peer to Peer Lending: Portfolio update Nov 2018

Hello fellow alternative investment seekers!

Yet another month has passed… You all know what that means; incoming money!
Well,… not really as most of the incoming interests are spread out over the month, but at least now I can report about the month of November to you all!

I must say I can get used to this, checking the Crowdlending platforms every few days and finding out I’m a few euro richer without having to do anything. I hope you all get excited by hearing this and get excited for the same goals. This is a world where normal people like us can help each other / local businesses / the planet in general. It’s not something our current banking system likes, but that system is built on “fake” money. At least this is based on real money, money from the people, and I think will be here for a long time to come. And as time goes by very quickly, so do those few euro’s which turn into solid returns.

Let’s dive into the numbers of this month!

Nov 2018Received interestAccount Value

Another month with EUR75 returns on my EUR5500 investment. I did add EUR2000 extra in Envestio this month, but that didn’t yield any extra returns yet… To come in December!


I’ve played around a bit with my loans as I still had some 9% & 10% ones from when the rates were really low. I got rid of them this month selling via secondary market taking a small loss on those.

The goal was to get my weighted average of my current investments up again, which is now at 12.68%, up from below 12,50% last month. So Mintos is slowly crawling back up again. Not the 14% of before yet, but I’m getting 13% regularly again now. Even though they are short term – mostly one month – that keeps the investments liquid in case the rates reach 14% again I can grab them almost immediately.

Mintos Review Nov18


For me Bondora was a platform I was curious about to see for myself despite the negative comments. Because I was mostly interested to see where this platform would go to, as it does have decent rates in the Portfolio Pro plan for smart investors (= avoid high risk!). Therefor I only invested EUR500 in it. And to be honest the returns aren’t that bad for me…

​Unfortunately this month wasn’t a good month. I’m still curious to see if the recovered loan stats which they promote in their blog hold any value in the longer term. We will see, but I don’t plan to take out my investment and will update every month about the progress as always.

Bondora Review Nov18


The amount of open balance in Robocash, which is basically money that isn’t invested into new loans anymore, grew higher. This is not very good news, because now one third of my total investment is sitting idle not collecting any interest. Over the last two weeks not a single investment was done on Robocash.

I’ve updated my portfolio to invest basically in all loans with reinvesting the full amount but I’ve kept the minimum interest rate on 14%. I will have to see if this continues, then we might have to drop a little bit. Which is something we can’t be happy about of course, but update will follow next month on this for sure.

Robocash Review Nov18


Crowdestor is not a flashy platform and I also don’t see a lot of advertising for it. However I think that is a good thing, for now, because that means when new loans come in investors have enough time to invest in them. It was actually the 2nd platform I recommended to my colleague who started last month with Envestio, and he now has two peer-to-peer platforms in his portfolio!

This month Crowdestor got in two solid investment opportunities. Inch² being 17% and depending on turnover could be up to 22%. The other one is a restaurant ‘The Catch’, a nice looking seafood restaurant opening in Berlin, Germany with a very nice 18% interest rate. This last one is still available at the moment, so if you want to invest in a local business I think this is a solid opportunity that would get my recommendation! There aren’t too many investors yet compared to the other P2P Lenders in my portfolio, but the platform is growing slowly and steadily.

Crowdestor Review Nov18


Grupeer has disappointed me this month, as I didn’t get to reinvest my interest in a single loan. We need that to happen of course to get the full compounding effect. Over the whole month they had only  loan of 15%, which was just two months ago the default for this lender. And that loan only had the opportunity to invest a total of €14250, which means it’s most likely gone immediately through the auto-invest option. I didn’t have my auto-invest configured at the time, so I did on that day (06/11) but since then no luck.

Grupeer was the 2nd platform that I would have recommended. But luckily I didn’t, because over the last few days they have completely been sold out also. I had read November would be a big month for them with a lot of new opportunities, that’s why I’m disappointed the most. We’ll see if they can pick it up in December, which they have announced it will on Social Media.

Grupeer Review Nov18


In a way I’m happy to always close the monthly portfolio update with this platform as so far I’ve only been able to bring good news for this Crowdlender. And don’t get me wrong, I’m glad to do so! However, since I’m looking to add one more platform to my portfolio to round it off this might be the last time to close with them.

For this month even more good news for Envestio, both myself and my colleague have added more funds! For me my total investment went up to EUR3000, starting next month I can begin to report on the interest on this added amount, which should be slightly over EUR50. I can’t think of many other (smart?) ways to give me EUR50 returns on that low investment amount!

Feel free to join in on the frequent new opportunities on this platform! At this moment there are still three active projects: two of 21% and one of 17% so I invite you to head over and have a look yourself. Personally one of my initial loans ended, got paid back fully and on time so I’m a happy camper. The money was reinvested into the Wind turbine project (20.55%).

Envestio Review Nov18

As mentioned in the portfolio update, I’m looking to expand my portfolio with one more platform. This is mostly because I want to be able to diversify and have plenty of content to write about… and also a little bit because 7 is my lucky number. Next to that I want to aim for three digit monthly returns on my investments as a minimum and may want to shoot up my investments to EUR10.000. I’ll take the time around Christmas to inform myself as good as possible to make a choice in this new platform. Any recommendations are welcome, so I can dive into investigating them.

December will be a busy month for me, with the holiday season coming and normally my new windows will be installed in the apartment (there was a slight delay…). There are also roadworks in the street and everything outside is a mess, so I’m still not fully sure how I can plan everything but we’ll see… And who knows maybe by next update my portfolio will look a bit differently.

As always, thank you very much for reading. If you would like to start investing with a small welcome bonus for yourself and support my blog at the same time, the affiliate links at the top right or links in the blog itself will do just that.

Have a wonderful holiday season everyone and I wish you all smart and prosperous investment opportunities for 2019!

Take care,

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