Investors Mindset May 2019

Peer to Peer Lending: Portfolio update May 2019

Hello everyone with an Investor’s Mindset!

Thank you for those who have been with the blog for a while now. In exactly 12 days I’m a full year into Peer to peer lending. So far I can only say it’s been a positive ride. We can’t look into the future, but if this continues until 2024 – the year I turn 40, I might actually reach my goal and double my investment of €10000 to €20000.

When I write, I tend to write long and try to give as much detail and my personal experience in it. However a recent poll showed that perhaps shorter writing is more appreciated. Even though it’s hard for me not to write more. I’ll give it a shot this month! Even if I have a lot to say… Let’s start with numbers, which speak for themselves:

May 2019Received interestAccount Value
Neo Finance€13,65€1030,34

Bit higher than last month even though Crowdestor didn’t return anything. That’s mostly the bonus jump from Bondora to Reinvest24.


My average Mintos percentage went up by almost 0,5% over the last two months. Which means higher loans have been available. I’m steadily getting loans of 14% and even some of 15%. This will greatly help the compounding interest, so a big like from my side!

Mintos Review May19


To keep it short and sweet, this will be the last time I update on Bondora as I’ve decided to close down my account and withdraw everything.  I did this by transferring to Go & Grow and was able to withdraw 80% of my funds almost immediately. The rest will come in time. But I didn’t take a loss on it, more about that explained below (Reinvest 24). I wasn’t really happy with Bondora from the start but wanted to try it anyway and see if I could beat all the negative comments. Unfortunately I couldn’t, therefor this decision. I ended up with an account value of €560,41.


A couple of 14,5% loans which were still going from when interest rates were higher came to their end now. Unfortunately they all went into 15+ days late. A couple of days ago two of them got paid finally without buyback. In a couple of more days another will be bought back. As they were bullet type loans, that explains the higher than usual return for this month on Robocash. I’ve now reached the 10% interest milestone too with them, so I’m happy about that!

Also, make sure to check my recent Robocash review!

Robocash Review May19

As explained last month, no income for Crowdestor this month. That was expected, but will more than make up for it next month. €31,57 incoming in 4 days, so I’m looking forward to that! My other loan won’t return until August, which is fine as €59,48 will come in there followed by €9,91 every month onwards. Besides that, recently loans of 18% – 21% were released, so the platform is going very strong!

Crowdestor Review May19


Crowdestor Review 05-2019


I’ve not done any investments of my interest during this month. I’m just not too shabby about the 13% rate of recent. Most of my loans still have 15% so I haven’t fully accepted settling for 2% less. However, seems my wait has paid off, during June there will be loans with 1% cashbacks. It’s not the same as getting a higher percentage loan, but at least it gives some quick bonus.

Grupeer Review May19


Loans are still gone super quick, but luckily I have two friends investing via Envestio also, so at least one of us should spot the email about new loans quickly, giving us the chance to invest before the loan is funded. Lately the percentages have been very decent also, getting up to 18% and 19% again. Doing well!

Envestio Review May19


First full invested month for me on Neo Finance, and I’m getting decent returns in line with my expectations when I joined the platform. So all is well in Neo Finance world for me. They have just started their IPO, and I received a phone call about it, which I thought was nice. Too bad I’m not very interested in IPO’s after following the stock markets for a while now. Most tend to be a bit overvalued at the start, so be careful jumping in at the start.

Neo Finance Review May19


Kuetzal is one of the platforms that is just sit back and relax for me. I maybe just log on twice per month. But getting €17,50 deposited as interest on my account every month is perfectly fine by me on €1000 invested. Some new interesting loans recently also with high percentages – similar to Envestio – so no complaints from my side!

Starting today until 31/09/2019 there is a Cashback Marathon at Kuetzal, so be sure to check that out!

Kutezal Review May19


The name is actually funny, because for me ‘reinvesting’ is exactly what I did. Reinvest24 reached out to me with an offer, which ended up making sense for me, giving me a nice opportunity. That’s why I didn’t end up losing out on some of my defaulted loans with Bondora and now have €588 safely invested in the already sold property Vinkli 13 opposed to ending with €560,41 on Bondora. The loan should give me a return of 12,53% yearly. Not the highest, but I really like being able to see the properties you are part-owner of and was convinced in their platform after doing my research. It’s still an upcoming platform and I can’t say too much yet other than everything going smooth up until now, but you can expect this platform to be included in my Reviews moving forward.

If you want to learn a bit more about them yourself, I can advise these YouTube links to get to know them:

Reinvest Review May19

Stock investing

I must admit, I like sticking to my goals as I did to my maximum in P2P Lending (€10.000). However I’m also a person trying to capitalize on sales/discounts and tax advantages.

Therefor I’ve decided to no longer only have a maximum of €10.000 in the stock market but go for the maximum tax-free dividend per year. Which in Belgium for income in 2019 is €800. That means I can earn an additional €66,66 per month completely tax-free!

Due to the unresolved trade wars and Trump banning Huawei (lot of discussion still ongoing) I think there are quite some discounts. So I averaged down on some existing positions during this month and decided to buy 2 Chinese stocks: TSMC & CHL. My total amount invested right now is €13.000.

“Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful.” – Warren Buffett.

Hopefully these decisions will help me buy my first rental property in 2024 and I plan to give monthly updates like this until then. Hopefully you’ll be part of the journey and follow my ups and downs with these investments.

Oh! Nearly 500 words less than my last blog post. Please let me know if you’d like even shorter updates.

I thank you all for reading and wish you a great rest of your day!

Kind regards,


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