P2P Portfolio Update March 2019

Peer to Peer Lending: Portfolio update Mar 2019

Hello to all with an Investors Mindset!

Thank you all for joining me on another update of my portfolio. I’m proud to say that 10% is really the name of the game here. That means, almost all my starting platforms have reached the first milestone of 10% interest on my initial investment.

Granted, some have reached this with a bonus of some kind, secondary market trading, … but none the less I’ve started this journey in June 2018 and now less than one year later almost every platform has reached €100 interest on the initial €1000 investment (or equivalent).

And I must say this is a proud moment for me. It also means that all the platforms I decided on in this journey are still going strong and stable without any dark clouds ahead. Now time to let the compounding effect do its thing and hopefully in the next 10 months I have another 10% on top of my initial investments. My portfolio is complete now with my maximum of €10.000 invested and here are the numbers for March 2019:

March 2019Received interestAccount Value
Neo Finance€13,73€1013,73

All in all I must say March has been a really good month with above average returns. For sure nothing to complain about, that compared with good weather in Belgium, things are looking up from the dark winter period!


My average Mintos percentage went up to 13.25% this month and I must say I’m quite happy about this. A couple of months ago getting 12% was the default. This month I’ve seen a couple of days with plenty of 13.50% and even some 14% loans. These are gone a bit quicker but usually enough available loans to invest my balance in. With this Mintos is getting back to their previous high of 14% in Euro loans. Solid and stable platform and glad to have them part of my overall portfolio.

Mintos Review Mar19


Every month I’m doubting more and more to convert my Bondora portfolio to the Go & Grow option. That wouldn’t convert everything unfortunately and might not be an overall good deal, but to be fair that takes away a bit of the fun blogging about it wouldn’t it? And also to be honest they have also grown 10% since my start reaching a portfolio of €550 with them. So even though everything seems bad with them – and I don’t like Bondora too much as a platform compared to the others, the results don’t lie.

Bondora Review March19


As always very easy platform which I probably only check a couple of times per month. Most of it is handled by the auto-invest options into 12% loans. Unfortunately it seems the 14% loans of before will never return – I must admit I was holding out some hope – but 12% is still great and doesn’t give me any reason to complain. This month was a good one for Robocash, my best one so far. So if you are looking for a platform with decent returns which buys back all the defaulted loans + provide you with the owed interest – Robocash might be for you. I recently became affiliated with them and I wouldn’t mind tossing them a recommendation as steady and extremely easy to use platform with no negatives up until now. This is the only platform I withdrew money from and I can say that went perfectly smooth – which means I can vouch for them.

Compared to last blog post, I now had most of my funds invested and this shows in the higher return during February. Ideally 12% on yearly basis should bring in around €10 per month on my €1000 initial investment. I’m below that right now because of my funds not always being fully invested previously, but the platform is so easy to use and basically on auto pilot, that I’m ok with that, knowing that my investments are rather safe with their buyback guarantee.

Review Robocash Mar19

As mentioned during last month’s update – this month I’ve only received €15. This is because my 2nd loan is a bullet type loan and will pay back the interest at a later moment. Which is perfectly fine, I knew this when I invested in this. Steadily growing by €15 each month until getting a big bump of €60 in August and from then on €25 monthly on this platform is what I call great prospects. As always they pay on time each month and Crowdestor is certainly a platform I can recommend with currently an Education project aimed for those with disabilities still available at a very decent 16% interest rate. Early March they have also announced their “Buyback Guarantee Fund” for when loans default. Which is great news of course.

Review Crowdestor Mar19


Grupeer for me is a bit similar to Robocash, mostly on auto pilot. The interest is decent averaging around 13% right now – which was up to 15% before. However, during the whole of April there is a 1% cashback on a project with 13% interest rate. So feel free to check that out if you still have some balance left on the platform or if you would like to start investing in P2P Crowdfunding.

Review Grupeer Mar19


I must say a good month for Envestio. I honestly didn’t think the interest rates would go higher than 18% anymore but I was lucky enough to put my balance in a 19,85% loan this month. Luckily I receive emails whenever a new loan appears on the platform and I can only recommend you do the same. Literally within 30 minutes to 1 hour new projects are fully funded so you better be quick on them. Still overall a great platform with each month a steady flow of new loans. They are just suffering a bit from their huge success in 2018, that’s why new loans are funded so quickly. This hasn’t been an issue for me yet however.

Review Envestio Mar19

Neo Finance

To be honest Neo Finance is a bit harder to get rolling with. I only focus on A & B type loans (C is the highest risk) and I aim to get loans of maximum 48 months. Most of the available loans on Neo Finance are 60 months which I think is a bit long. Right now I’m not fully invested yet and I’ve grabbed a couple of loans from the secondary market. My auto invest has only gotten two loans since I started on the platform. So I’ll just keep track and luckily the welcome bonus – only when joining via an affiliate link of course – can cover the slow start. I also see that you can use this bonus well, as you pay a little commision & tax on the loans you get. So be aware that your total amount might be lower once everything is invested. Welcome bonus should cover that part.

Once all is invested I’m sure It will be smooth from then on. Be aware the buyback guarantee option is really expensive, so in most cases it’s not worth getting in my opinion. This of course makes the platform a bit higher risk for me.

Review Neo Finance Mar19

€100 still pending in a loan that hasn’t been completed. So not showing up yet.


Kuetzal has made their first interest payment of €17.50 and this was perfectly on time. The platform has a lot of similarities with Envestio. Both on the higher interest rates and the payback schedule. I must say I’m a fan of both so all is good! As they only started a couple of months ago as a platform I can’t really say anything about the stability. So far things are looking good and I might be able to toss them a recommendation in a couple of months. Stay tuned for the progress.

If you don’t mind a little risk and want to get in before the platform potentially lowers interest rates – feel free to click through via my affiliate link. If you use the code “SPRING2019”, you will receive €10 on your Kuetzal account.

Review Kuetzal Mar19

Stock investing

I must admit I’m really enjoying my first steps into the stock market. I’ve made it a ritual when I get home after work to read about what’s going on in the market. Not only for the stocks in my watch list but in general. And in a way this relaxes me from work and I find it very exciting looking for the stocks that I’m interested in potentially going “on sale”.

This month I have added another €1.000 into the market – as I’m trying to diversify as much as I can – this time investing in a Belgian stock which I think is very undervalued right now due to high recent investments/debts which I’m expecting to start returning very soon.

I have a couple of ideas on how to work out my stock page. How would you like to see my portfolio? Feel free to toss any suggestions my way. My thoughts right now are to get a list together of the criteria I use. If the stock that I’m looking at or want to buy doesn’t at least tick most of those – I will not invest in it (yet). Would that be useful? Also I like to list all stocks in a similar way as the Peer-to-peer lending portfolio, with invested amount, current value, dividend yield, next dividend payment date etc… Also for now my goal is to invest €10.000 maximum in the  market. Then maybe if a crash does happen – which analysts are predicting over the next year or so I can double my investments there to a maximum of €20.000 using the averaging down method. Exciting times… Stay tuned for more next time.

Have a great week!


Stocks March 2019

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