P2P Portfolio Review June19

Peer to Peer Lending: Portfolio update June 2019

Hello everyone with an Investor’s Mindset!

What a ride it has been so far… one full year into alternative investments and I’m at €25.000 of my own money invested. A special thank you to all of you who have been following my journey for a while now.

In total this equates to €10.000 invested into crowdlending and €15.000 into dividend stocks. For now I’ll leave it at this whilst I save up some more and let compounding take over. If you have any other good investment suggestions, feel free to toss them my way in a comment below so I can start researching. These investments are to help me towards purchasing my first investment property, hopefully in 5 years’ time.

As this blog is mainly focussed around Peer-to-peer lending, please find my June portfolio update below:

June 2019Received interestAccount Value
Neo Finance€10,60€1040,94
Total (€10.000 start)€160,01€11.299,65

Due to many loans coming back from Robocash and Grupeer, combined with a two month payment for Crowdestor this month was actually a good one!

Reinvest24 will hopefully balance this out a bit next month, with their first interest incoming. Otherwise the return might be slightly lower. But hey, getting €150 steadily every month on a €10.000 investment is just plain awesome!


I’ve had some fun with Mintos this month, as they had cashback campaigns running. I didn’t buy much from the primary market, but was able to scoop up some discounts from the secondary market. That’s why I like having Mintos in my portfolio, at times I can give it a couple of minutes attention daily and make small gains that way.

My net annual return also went above 12,60% now, which means loan percentages are going up and my secondary market shenanigans translate into some quick cash flow.

Mintos Review June19


During June the remainder of my 14,5% loans from last year came to their end, so from now on only 12% loans left in the portfolio. Small sad moment, but I did get nice returns this time so no real complaints from my side. I went from above €500 overdue loans to now €250 and I’m liking that trend.

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Robocash Review June19

As stated last month, I had €31,57 incoming from 1 loan during June. Great news of course, however I won’t receive any interest during July. No real issues here as long as I receive at least €100 monthly across my P2P portfolio, I’m happy. From August onwards I’ll receive at least €9,91 again every month.

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Crowdestor Review May19


Crowdestor Review June19


Towards the end of June I had a lot of 15% loans coming to their end. Same story here as with Robocash, the current loans dropped by 2% compared to last year and currently only yield 13%. Luckily, during June there was a 1% cashback campaign, which was a perfect spot to reinvest my returned loans in.

Grupeer Review June19


Loans are still gone super quick, but luckily I have two friends investing via Envestio also, so at least one of us should spot the email about new loans quickly, giving us the chance to invest before the loan is funded. Lately the percentages have been very decent also, getting up to 18% and 19% again. Doing well!

Some upcoming good news also, as Envestio didn’t release any loans in June, I’ve contacted them a couple of days ago. They have responded:

“At the moment the legal team is finalizing the agreement, and we hope to present the new partnership this week (or early July the latest). Once we do, we expect to increase the loan availability on the platform quite substantially (we have more than 10 000 000 EUR worth of projects pre-approved with them). Stay tuned. “

Envestio Review June19


First full invested month for me on Neo Finance, and I’m getting decent returns in line with my expectations when I joined the platform. So all is well in Neo Finance world for me. They have just started their IPO, and I received a phone call about it, which I thought was nice. Too bad I’m not very interested in IPO’s after following the stock markets for a while now. Most tend to be a bit overvalued at the start, so be careful jumping in at the start.

Calculation might be a bit tricky as some is reserved in a loan currently. So the current account value is 1028.56 + 2.00 + 10.38.

Neofinance Review June19


Kuetzal is one of the platforms that is just sit back and relax for me. I maybe just log on twice per month. But getting €17,50 deposited as interest on my account every month is perfectly fine by me on €1000 invested. Some new interesting loans recently also with high percentages – similar to Envestio – so no complaints from my side!

Starting today until 31/09/2019 there is a Cashback Marathon at Kuetzal, so be sure to check that out!

Kuetzal Review June19


Not much to mention yet during my first month on Reinvest24, as I haven’t received interest yet. However, I did get an email confirming that their first pay-out will be in July as half of the monthly rental income of Vinlkli 10 property has already been reserved for investors.

I’m looking forward receiving my first interest payment. So far my experience with the new platform has been positive, let’s hope they can keep it up!

Reinvest Review June19

Stock investing

As stated during my previous monthly update, in Belgium we can have tax-free dividend income up to €800 for 2019. My current €15.000 invested already translates to €700 in dividends, so I think I’ll keep it at this for now and just reinvest my dividend income from this point forward. This should eventually grow up to the maximum tax-free dividend income, which usually goes up slightly every year in Belgium (€640 in 2018 compared to €800 for 2019).

Don’t be shy to drop a comment below my way, I will happily respond. Also, please take a moment to subscribe to our mailing list and never miss a future portfolio update reminder!

As always, thank you all for reading and I wish you a great rest of your day! And for those with upcoming holidays; have a great holiday period!

Kind regards,


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