P2P Investments July 2019

Peer to Peer Lending: Portfolio update July 2019

Hello everyone with an Investor’s Mindset!

Overall I’m happy with the first month of the school holidays here in Belgium. Weather has been great (got to 40 degrees in my town last week) and interest wise it’s going well. On all the Fintech platforms I have invested at least €1000 in, I’ve gotten a return above €10. Double digit monthly returns on that amount always gets me in a good mood.

Either way, I’ll let the numbers speak for themselves:

July 2019Received interestAccount Value
Neo Finance€12,56€1053,50
Total (€10.000 start)€143,28€11.442,93

So a bit lower month than last month, but August will be a big one so I’m surely looking forward to that.

All in all with a monthly income of €143,28 on my €15000 investment there is nothing to complain about!


A couple of ongoing campaigns during the month of July on Mintos, but I was only able to grab a few of them for some rewards. Nothing too fancy, so most of the income has been from my current investments. Luckily most of the most recent loans have been up to 16% for which I was able to grab quite some.

So to keep it short, a good month for Mintos with decent interest returns. Please have a look at my Mintos review.

Mintos Review July 2019


A good month for Robocash, quite a lot of overdue loans got in giving me a nice amount of interest coming in for the month of July. Robocash is a steady 12% interest platform, fully with buyback guarantee after 30 days overdue.

Don’t forget to check my recent Robocash review!

Robocash Review July 2019

I actually was wrong in my statement last month, thinking that during July I wouldn’t give me any interest payment from Crowdestor. There was incoming interest of one out of my two loans. Next month will be a big payday as more than €50 is incoming of the loan that didn’t pay interest during this month. Great to look forward to!

I also wrote a Crowdestor review in June 2019, so check it out!

Crowdestor Review May19


Crowdestor Review July 2019


Still mostly 13% loans around, even some 13,50% recently. Unfortunately during July there were no longer cashbacks going on. Luckily I didn’t have much idle funds, so my investments are doing what they are supposed to do… not sleeping on a bank account, instead bringing in some cash flow.

Grupeer Review July 2019


Income of Envestio is lowering a bit, getting close to €50. This should go up instead of down as I have more funds invested every month. So I’m keeping my fingers crossed it doesn’t drop below this personal threshold.

During this month only two new loans were added, and the Envestio Autoinvest function has been introduced. I’m not fully in favour if it since I’m actively following my e-mails and always had the chance to invest when a new loan came out – but we’ll see how it goes from now on with new loans.

These are my current settings, so hopefully the €151,46 waiting in my account will be invested soon:

Envestio Autoinvest Settings

Envestio Review July 2019


Not much to say about Neo Finance, but in the P2P Lending area I see that as a good thing. Interest are steadily incoming every month as expected when I first joined the platform, so no complaints at all from my side.

I must admit, I’m more actively checking other platforms than Neo Finance, but I guess that’s because it does what it needs to do according to my needs with the auto invest I’ve configured.

Neo Finance Review July 2019


Every month steadily €17,50 incoming as clockwork is amazing. And some good prospects, as with the next interest payment in a couple of days I will have reached the minimum investment threshold of €100 and I can invest in a new loan! So starting from September onwards I should see this steady number increase slightly.

The cashback marathon is still running until 31/09/2019 on Kuetzal, so be sure to check that out!

Kuetzal Review July 2019


The first interest payment of Reinvest24 is a fact! However I’m not sure that deserves an exclamation mark. I’m a bit on the fence and will see what the upcoming interest payments will bring. As the interest for this first payment – after having to wait two months to receive it – is rather low in my opinion.

Overall the prospects are good, and I like being part owner of real estate with a preliminary agreement to sell the property at the end of it’s term, so I’m still positive. I will definitely keep you informed every step of the way in my progress in this newest platform addition.

Reinvest24 Review July 2019

Stock investing

Due to big gains on one of my investments (AB Inbev), I went up to 37% profit. So I was able to cash out my €1000 initial investment in it as €1370. That amount, together with my recent incoming dividends went straight into a Dutch REIT this time.

This move brought me at almost exactly €800 yearly dividend income for 2019, which is the yearly maximum tax-free dividend in Belgium (€640 in 2018 compared to €800 for 2019).

I also filed all required documents with Bolero (my Belgian broker) a while ago – so the lowered double taxation on foreign dividends, double tax treaties, is in effect from now on.

Additionally, the hosting for our blog has been renewed a couple of days ago, so I’m at least committed to continue blogging for at least one more year!

Have a great day and enjoy the remainder of your summer holidays!

Kind regards,


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