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Peer to Peer Lending: Portfolio update Jan 2019

Hello fellow alternative investment seekers!

I can’t really grasp that January has ended already… Where did this month go? I have so many projects to finish this year, which most haven’t even started yet and now I only have 11 months left? Ah well, worries for another day. Today is reporting the interest returns day, much more fun than speaking about work!

So let’s dive right into it, January brought in EUR103,30, so still above the triple digits goal with the total account value jumping above EUR8.000. Please find the numbers below.

Jan 2019Received interestAccount Value

I’ve also decided on my two final platforms to round off my portfolio with. Make sure to continue reading below to learn more about them.


Slowely but surely Mintos is getting back to its previous form. They are not quite back at the 14% loans, but during this month there were plenty of 13,50% opportunities so I can’t complain at all. My auto-invest was set to pick up from 13,50% so all my funds is again nicely invested. Because of this, I didn’t spend any time in the secondary market during January and the returns are pretty much all passive income.

​Looking back at last year’s dip, I’m glad it’s looking much better again for Mintos and the investors in it. So for me, I can recommend the platform as stable choice.

Mintos Review Jan19


A little bit higher income than last month, and as only half the amount is invested compared to Mintos and other platforms, the returns are certainly average in comparison. The platform will never really convinced me just because of the way it works in general – at least not the portfolio pro.

​I was thinking when my goal has been reached in a couple of years, maybe I’ll convert it to Go & Grow and perhaps use it many years later for a rainy day.

Bondora Review Jan19


Because a lot of my funds (nearly half) hadn’t been invested for a while during December, and only got invested again in January, the results show this and are a lot lower than usual. We’ll see if this picks up again next month. Not much more to add, other than there are only 12% loans left instead of 14% before.

Robocash Review Jan19


Crowdestor is doing well in my opinion and I like them a lot as a platform. All payments have always been nicely on time and it seems more investment opportunities are coming. During January there were always plenty of loans, and in 6 days a very nice new project is coming with a 19,5% interest rate, 24 month term for an energy plant. As that aligns well with my interest on the platform getting above EUR100, I will surely invest in this!

Also, I have planned to add perhaps a little extra. More about this at the end of the blog post.

Crowdestor Review Jan19


I haven’t really spent any time looking at Grupeer this month, somehow they are a bit boring to me as a platform. Not to take away from the monthly interests of course, those come in nicely every month. Boring can be good!

ost of the loans this month were 14%, which is nice. Grupeer also have a 1% cashback running right now but unfortunately on loans with lower returns making it not very interesting compared to the other active loans.

Grupeer Review Jan19


Still going strong as most of my fund was invested before the new year, however during this month Envestio struggled with new projects reaching 17% interest rates. This is a first for the platform, as they were almost reaching 20% on average a little while ago. This has now dropped almost a full 1% on that average.

’m sure they have their reasons and the new loans are funded so quickly that it’s probably the price to pay becoming so successful. But as an investor and affiliate, I wish they would have communicated more openly about dropping their interest rates between 3% to 5% on average in January. So let’s  see where this is headed. I would still recommend them to everyone as a very good platform with good returns, just slightly lower than their peak (for now?).

Envestio Review Jan19


For those who have been on my blog over the last few weeks, you might have noticed two new links have been added. After research the two platforms I have decided to invest in are: Neo Finance and Kuetzal.
Neo Finance was in my top 5 when I started this blog, but since for some reason they didn’t accept my registration – because my camera at the time was crap – I decided against them and go with Grupeer instead. After basically starting my search from scratch in January, I came across them again and a couple of hours later decided they would become a new platform.I also came accros Kuetzal, which to be fair looks very much like Envestio with loans up to 21%. They are a brand new Estonian Crowdfunding company which started in December of 2018. This of course comes with higher risk – and they don’t have a real buyback system but have something called “Kuetzal Care”. Either how I decided to take a chance on them as final platform, hopefully giving you valuable information if you are looking into the company yourself.

Today I’ve transferred EUR1000 each to Neo Finance and Kuetzal. This brings my total amount invested to EUR9500, which looks a bit stupid to an OCD person like me. Of course, that’s because I took out EUR500 of Bondora. I was doubting a bit which platform to select to add this to, and Crowdestor has answered this for me with a great upcoming loan opportunity coming in just a couple of days. This will round off my investments of EUR10.000 in peer-to-peer lending and Crowdlending and I will not add more funds.


I’m happy to inform that starting today I’m also taking my first steps in the stock market (including REITs), which will be my next goal of investing a total of EUR10.000 in over the next two years. For now I’m very cautious as many signs point to another major US Stock Market crash coming in the next 12 to 18 months (even Elon Musk, TESLA has stated this earlier in the week) so I’ll keep my position very low (EUR2000 for now) and will most likely look for steals when the market does crash. I’ll build out the blog with real time updates of my stock portfolio later this year, as well as reviews of the 8 platforms I have decided to round off my p2p portfolio with.

Thank you all for reading and having an investors mind-set to join me on my journey. Do note that most of the links are affiliate links, providing you with a starting bonus if you decide to join investing on a platform. On the other hand they support me in keeping the blog alive, so thank you very much for that!

As always, have a great day and I’m happy to answer any questions or concerns you might have.

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