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Peer to Peer Lending: Portfolio update Feb 2020

Hello everyone with an Investor’s Mindset!

The saying “when it rains, it pours” comes to mind if I have to sum up my investments so far in 2020. After losing €4000 on Kuetzal and Investio during January, the stock market market panic in February made my portfolio drop by another €3000.

But hey – all in all I see this as a good thing. It gave me perspective on how risky these alternative investment methods like P2P and crowdlending are. On the other hand I think it’s great the market went on sale right now as it made me invest another €6000 into my stock portfolio bringing up the total to €25000 invested there now. But first, my interest via Crowdinvesting for February;

February 2020Received interestAccount Value
Total (€10.000 start)€62,67€7273,10

Always see the positive in things, that’s pretty much how I try to live my life and have my mindset. So even with the losses, it means I have to spend less time writing the blog and updating the numbers here. Not all bad uh?

On the other side, it will probably take me up to 3 years to recover the losses I’ve endured by letting my remaining portfolio grow.


Whilst only having a couple of platforms left, Mintos is by far the safest one. For me it’s good to see my initial investment grow steadily here.

After the dip of loans getting as low as 10%, there are loans of more than 15% still available now. So make sure to stock up as the platform is known for it’s ups and downs. I mainly picked up loans with a duration of 24 months during February.

Mintos Review February 2020


Robocash had a bit of a cash drag recently. I’ve had around €700 uninvested for a while. This is hurting the returns a bit and already showing in the February return.

Luckily over the last couple of days everything was invested again into 12% loans. Robocash was a bit sneaky asking to lower the auto invest options to make sure all idle funds gets invested. Luckily I did not do this. If at some point the available loans drop below the 12% threshold for good – then I might consider withdrawing. But for now, Robocash is not a platform I have doubts or worries about.

Robocash Review February 2020

After all the big moves into the space, I’m still naming Crowdestor my favorite platform and will keep my initial investment on it. I will be very picky on the loans now and like the fact that there are always plenty of details provided. However, tomorrow a 24% loan is being released. Seeing as what happened with Kuetzal and Envestio by providing loans this high – I’m a bit more sceptical now with those interest rates.

Luckily I don’t have a big amount of interest idle funds on the platform at the moment, so I can minimize the risk if I decide to invest.

Crowdestor Review January 2020


After being on the platform for well over a year now, there are no complaints about Grupeer from my side. They are steadily chugging along with all loans being between 13% and 14%.

Grupeer Review January 2020


I joined the law suit for Envestio. So we’ll see if at some point something can be recovered.

However, I consider the €3000 I had invested in the platform as lost until proven otherwise.


I consider the €1000 I had invested into Kuetzal as completely lost. I did not join in on the law suit, so I’m sure nothing will ever get recovered here in my case.


€2,94 monthly interest from Reinvest24 as always.

There is a €100 minimum investment on the platform, so it will be a good while before I can reinvest anything here. I don’t plan on adding more funds to speed this up, seeing as I’m at my limit in P2P Lending.

Reinvest24 Review February 2020

Stock investing

Last month I spoke about potentially bringing my stock portfolio up to €25000 invested. Due to the market going down quite heavily, I was able to pick up some stocks at my target buy prices, making me reach that milestone.

I keep a spreadsheet where I keep a ‘wishlist’, and several of my ‘buy at’ prices were reached. So luckily I did hold some cash aside for moments like this and I was able to pick up some. Also did I try to average down on a few other stocks I already owned.

Exciting times ahead for the stock market, as no one can predict what will happen. Will this be a correction, or will this get a lot worse before it gets better? I would guess in the upcoming weeks we see a nice increase of the stock market again. But that’s maybe my positive investors’ mindset speaking.

Either way, I don’t really mind the prices going down as I’m a dividend investor. Overall I’m in the red for the first time, but only with a couple of hundred euro. So nothing to panic about, and I won’t start selling in the next few years anyway. So I’ll just sit back, relax, and let my dividends grow the portfolio for me.

Take care everyone! Thank you for reading until the end.

Kind regards,


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