P2P Lending Portfolio Update

Peer to Peer Lending: Portfolio update Feb 2019

Hello to all with an Investors Mindset!

First of all, let me welcome you to the new and improved website, directed mostly to investment methods which are much better than putting your money on a normal savings account and let inflation beat you down every year. And a new website, requires a new intro! Pages are still under construction and will be finalized during this month.

My initial website (solidcore.be) was mostly a domain I still had available from my own business in the past. As the blog was getting more traffic and attention, I thought it needed a more professional approach. I also took this chance to move over to WordPress as CMS – which gives me more options and flexibility than the previous one.

Anyhow, I’ll make a full post about the idea behind this website and the goal later this month. Stay tuned. But for now – let’s dive straight into the numbers.

Feb 2019Received interestAccount Value
Neo Finance€0,00€1000

Steadily reaching my goal of receiving more than €100 monthly in interest returns, who wouldn’t be happy about that?


This month Mintos had slightly lower amount of loans available of 13,5% compared to last month. At least at the moments I checked and my auto invest didn’t seem to trigger that many. However, still a solid month for them as there were plenty of loans around of 13% interest which I scooped up. I tried aiming for those with a term of 30 days or less, keeping my funds rather liquid should higher interest rates return. For now this is a good platform if you’re looking for steady > 10% interest rates with plenty of loans. The average interest rate of my portfolio is now back up to 13,07%. Received interest was just below €10, which makes me a little more comfortable for my initial €1000 investment.

Mintos Review Feb19


Very lousy month for Bondora, not even bringing in half of what it should with €2,39. I’ll keep the comments short, but I’m thinking if this keeps going I’ll convert my portfolio with them to Go & Grow and get their 6,75% sure income. That should beat the return I got for this month…. But not jumping to conclusions yet. I’ll let it play out a bit longer.

Bondora Review Feb19


Compared to last blog post, I now had most of my funds invested and this shows in the higher return during February. Not the best either, because ideally 12% on yearly basis should bring in around €10 per month on my €1000 initial investment. I’m nearly 25% below that but the platform is so easy to use and basically on auto pilot, that I’m ok with that. I know the money is buyback guaranteed so Robocash will pay me the interests out once it reaches 60 days overdue, which is fine by me.

Robocash Review Feb19


Crowdestor remains one of my favourite platforms in the portfolio. That’s also why I added an additional €500 as mentioned in my previous post. I’ve invested this in an 19,5% bullet type loan. This usually means paid back at the end of the term (24 months in this case). However the structure is a bit different. I’ve already received a first payment of €4,97 during February. Now my next payment will be during August of €59,48. From then onwards giving me a monthly return of €9,91. To be honest I’m fine with that. And currently there is also a new interesting loan on the platform of 18%, but be fast if you want to make a chance as over 75% has been invested already.

I also just received an email that Crowdestor is building a Buyback Fund, in case loans default. I’m curious once more information about this is know how this will cover future (or maybe also running?) projects.

Crowdestor Review Jan19


My best month so far of my Grupeer portfolio this time, so I’m happy they are doing well right now. I’ve never had a return above €13 on my initial €1000 investment, but right now the monthly interest reached a nice €14,35 so the platform is  doing well. Do note that they have updated their bank account details, so if you have invested before and want to add more, make sure you use their new account number. Also their new policy and terms & conditions need to be signed before you can access your account.

Grupeer Review Feb19


Envestio hasn’t really communicated about their interest rates dropping from their record high of 22% to now an average of 17%. However, I’ve read via another blogger that went to visit them recently that for 2019 all loans should be in range of 15 – 18%. Which is still good, don’t get me wrong, but I feel they cheated their massively growing user base a bit. From a business perspective it’s good to get a big influence of new users but I feel they should have been more transparent. All in all still decent returns and amount of loans, however you need to be quick to get in on the new ones.

Envestio Review Feb19

Neo Finance & Kuetzal

Nothing much to report yet, as I haven’t received my first interests yet.

Neo Finance has a very good welcome bonus (by using an affiliate link) of €40. For some reason this wasn’t deposited correctly on my account but after contacting their support it was sorted within a day. So great support, and thank you for the quick action. The registration process is the most strict out of all the platforms I have invested in, but since it’s a one-time thing and gives a good overall secure feeling I didn’t mind it at all. Just remember it could take a little bit longer for your funds to arrive because of it. Most of the loans are really long term (60 months) so right now not all of my funds is invested yet as I try to only invest into 36 month loans maximum. So I need to play around a bit more in the platform to get the hang of it.

Kuetzal seems similar to what Envestio once was. Also their monthly interest table looks very similar. Registration went smooth, as did my funds arriving and investing. I’ve invested the full amount of €1000 in a very nice loan of 21% over 24 months. My first interest payment of €17,50 should arrive by mid next week, so I’m hoping it will be on time. I’ll keep you updated for sure whether I find this platform stable and reliable or not. As said before, I took a bit of a risk on this newest platform which only started in December 2018.

Stock Investing

What I plan to do, is create a page listing my stocks, their dividend percentage, my average buying price per stock, the current real-live stock price and total value. That way we can track the invested amount and how the portfolio grows. I’m very excited about that. I specifically chose to invest in dividend stocks with an average yearly return of 4%. This protects me to the market fluctuations and potential volatility. By no means am I a seasoned stock investor, but I think I have a smart investors mindset and should do well in the long term (5 years, maybe longer) with the portfolio I’m building.

My goal was to invest a total of €10.000 in stock… Because I got rather excited I already invested €5000 during this month. I might add another €2000-€3000 or so before May, because as a bonus with the Belgian platform Bolero, I received free brokerage credit of which I have €60 left. This is only valid until 25/05 so would be a little bit of waste if I didn’t use (most) of it by then. I’m receiving back my taxes in April… which will probably go directly into this portfolio.

Stay tuned! And thank you all for having the investors mindset and being interested in my blog. Happy to receive any feedback, suggestions or questions about the new blog or portfolio.

Have a great weekend!


Stock Portfolio Feb19

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