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Peer to Peer Lending: Portfolio update Dec 2019

Hello everyone with an Investor’s Mindset!

What can fly but has no wings? The answer is… Time. Time doesn’t wait for anyone, which has already led us into a new year and a new decade. Happy New Year everyone! I enjoyed time with friends and family… or friends who became family. I hope you all had great holidays and I wish you the best in 2020. Especially financially.

For investors, time is usually our best ally. As with time money will make money, even whilst we are asleep. I had to work this week, therefore the update in this new year is a bit delayed. I have however taken all screenshots on the 31st of December. So without further ado, here are the numbers;

December 2019Received interestAccount Value
Total (€10.000 start)€124,79€12118,67

Not the best month to end the year with, but anything above €100 is my goal – so I’m still well over that number. I ended 2019 with my portfolio growing €1481,08 in total, which is a €134.64 monthly average on a €10000 investment. Not bad at all.

This is a bit overshadowed with a potential loss on Kuetzal, which could end up with me losing my initial investment, but we should know more soon and I’ll keep you udpated. As always, this is a risky form of investing otherwise interest rates wouldn’t be so high. So I’m prepared to take a hit once in a while, as long as the portfolio value keeps moving north.


Mintos is still offering loans in the 12-13% range at the moment, which is quite OK. I saw one spike up to 14% recently, so it is worth checking the platform almost daily. Unfortunately I was only able to pick up one loan at that time, as most of my funds was still invested or a bit delayed in paying back the loan.

If you’re looking to take your first steps into alternative investments, Mintos is a great choice. I would however advise you focus on the Primary Market, in your local currency so there are no exchange costs and only pick up buyback protected loans.

Slightly under the €10 I’m expecting monthly of Mintos, but to be fair I did have a lot of loans which were overdue a bit and the exchange rate wasn’t working in my favor.

Mintos Review December 2019


In contrast to Mintos, Robocash now outperformed my expectations bringing in over €15 in December 2019. That’s the benefit of having full buyback on your loans, as Robocash has. This means that one month a lot of loans can be overdue, but you can be sure that at one point the principal plus interest will be incoming.

Robocash Review December 2019

For some reason, perhaps because it is still my favorite Crowdinvesting platform out there, Crowdestor always gives me a confident feeling to recommend them. I’m liking the new website, giving a better view on the incoming payments. For December this was (only) €25,43.

Who wouldn’t want that on a €2500 investment? And it’s just because some loans are bullet-type loans… which means there will be a bigger payday coming at some point making up for the lower numbers in some months. I don’t mind this one bit.

Crowdestor Review December 2019


Grupeer had some cashback campaings going during the last month of 2019, however I was not able to pick up any. I did pick up one 13,50% loan however, so that’s perfectly fine too.

As I’m getting around €10 interest payments back each month, and currently no loans are ending, I can usually only do one investment per month. But to be fair, that is exactly compounding at work… putting those interests to work immediately so they can start generating interest all on their own.

Grupeer Review November 2019


A bit of a disappointing month, below €50 incoming from Envestio. This is mainly because I was stuck with €1000 in my portfolio for three weeks as there were no new loans. This is a great example of your money working for you, opposed to your money just being in a savings account for example. You have direct impact on the interest you could have gained.

I hope in 2020 Envestio will have a more steady flow of new loans. Also it would be great if they spread them out more over the month instead of launching all in one week, and then have no new loans for the next three weeks. This was still the case in December and is not great for the sleeping funds in investors accounts. Either way it’s still a great platform which has contributed for a big portion of my P2P portfolio growth.


Envestio Review December 2019


What to say about Kuetzal. Is Kuetzal a scam? Is Kuetzal a ponzi scheme? Does Kuetzal still exist? Is Kuetzal fake or a fraud?

These are all questions I saw pass by during December. I also followed closely two fellow bloggers who actually tried to investigate and meet up with the new (very young) CEO of Kuetzal in Riga; Oscar of Explore P2P and Jørgen of Financially Free. I suggest you give their blogs a read too.

It’s not looking good. I’ve emailed Kuetzal on Christmas day, to ask a withdrawal process gets started on my account. However, there has been no response so far. Let’s see if this is due to the holidays, which could perfectly be the case. I will keep you all updated on my experience with exitting the platform and if I can recover any of the invested funds.

One thing that stood out however, I did get an affiliate payment of Kuetzal during December, which leads me to believe at least one of their bank accounts is still active. I’m keeping my fingers crossed – but on the other hand I’m also prepared for the worst.

Kuetzal Bankrupt in December 2019?


Nothing additional to add for Reinvest24, €2,94 incoming each month now. I would like they give a little more insight in how that is calcualted and perhaps also a future payment schedule.

But at least I know there will be a 6,50% capital growth on top of the current monthly yield returned to the investors at the end of the loan. So I’m looking forward to making a bigger jump there.

Reinvest24 Review December 2019

Stock investing

I might start writing a bit more, in a separate section on Stock Investments during 2020. I think we all know 2019 was a great year in the stock market. My Stock Portfolio started in February and I ended up with €16000 invested by October. My current account value (and this is the status of 3rd of January 2020 at closing) is €18755,57. I’ll include a screenshot below as proof. Additionally, I will have an extra tax return of around €200 this year from the collected dividends in 2019.

Dividend Stock Portfolio Bolero 2019If you would be intersted in seeing my stocks, or the trades that I’ve done in this Dividend portfolio, feel free to leave a comment. Then I know there is interest of reading about it.

Oh by the way, I leave you with my savings account interest for 2019. On the Bank account I’ve had always between €5000 and €10000 during the year;

Bank Savings Account Interest 2019

Makes you think twice about alternative investment methods, right?

Take care and until the next monthly update!

Kind regards,


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