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Peer to Peer Lending: Portfolio update Dec 2018

Hello fellow alternative investment seekers!

Thank you for joining in reading the blog again in the new year!

So let me start with wishing you all the best for 2019, a lot of financial wisdom and success and hopefully a great return on your investments.

Yesterday I was mostly with family & friends so I apologise for the delay in posting. Looking at the traffic to the blog, many were doing the same so I hope you all had a great holiday season.

Let’s start with the update to my current portfolio – where as mentioned last month the interest broke three digits! Really happy to start the new year with these monthly interest returns from now on being above EUR100! And of course by the compounding effect should go up even more – aside from future platforms/deposits.

Dec 2018Received interestAccount Value

So a total of EUR118,95 return in December on the invested amount of EUR7500. Reaching just under EUR500 returns since I started investing in June 2018. Not bad at all, adding at least EUR100 each month interests from now on!


The Mintos returns of December are in line with the ones of November. However, and this is a very positive note to mention they are slowly getting back up to regular loans of 13% and 14%! So I’m really pleased to see this. My average loan % went up from 12,68% at the end of last month to 12,95% again now. So thankfully I kept investing in mostly 30-day loans to keep the funds liquid and I was able to now activate my auto invest again – which was set to start at 13%. I hope they can keep this up, as I could then recommend this as a steady platform.​

Mintos Review Dec18


Bondora gave me an average month this time. Anything below EUR5 is a bit too low in my opinion for my EUR500 investment in this platform. Last month it disappointed me with the returns, now it seems back on track. Overall I don’t really like or enjoy the platform much so I wouldn’t recommend – at least the Portfolio Pro option – to anyone. As I have no experience with the other options Bondora provides I can’t give any feedback there. Those seem perhaps more steady, but also with lower interest rates. Happy to hear from you if you are using either the portfolio options and your experience with them.

Bondora Review Dec18


By adjusting my auto invest option in Robocash, as the loans went down from 14% to 12% with no current plans of bring it back up I actually made a small mistake. I had somehow selected “payout”, which resulted into EUR51,76 being deposited on my back account. Two things here – this was almost the full amount of interest gained since I started investing in June. The other part is now I actually know that when I want to withdraw money of the platform it goes quick and smooth. So to be honest that’s a good thing.

The sad part is I now always have to add the withdrawn amount to my monthly calculation to keep it consistent, but that’s a minor issue of course. Nothing more to add for the platform overall, it works well and is very easy to use. So I’m a bit sad the returns will not be able to compete anymore with the rest of my portfolio. Oh, and this month the returns were very low… a result of only having half my funds invested for a while.

Robocash Review Dec18


Crowdestor. What do they say, slow and steady wins the race? As the first returns on this platform only came in on the 5th of the following month (always perfectly on time) – I felt they were running a bit behind because of that. However, with EUR15 steadily coming in each month they became my second best performing platform quickly. They are still one of the smaller platforms, but I enjoy investing on it.

This month they had two decent projects, Restaurant The Catch, 18%, which reached its target early in the month and a Refinancing loan of 17%. Right now a new loan is about to be made available in 6 days also of 17%. So very happy to see there is a steady flow now and this time it’s another Restaurant opportunity. I would like to start investing in it of course, however the minimum investment amount it set to EUR100. As my returns are (only?) EUR80 so far I will have to wait until February (EUR15 still incoming on the 5th of January) before I can put my interests to work. Happy to recommend them as a platform if you’re looking to diversify further.

Crowdestor Review Dec18


Luckily Grupeer was able to step it up again this month. There were a lot more loans available of 14% and even a couple of 15%. All my funds is again invested.  Next to that, not too much to add from my part other than I had a solid month with them.

They also did a 24 hour action on the 31st of December with extra 1% cashback options on the 14% loans. However I wasn’t able to get in on the action. They also have a campaign running currently where you have to invest a minimum of EUR100 on the platform to enter a contest to win EUR500. So please make sure to revinvest your balance if there is any in January to get your chance.

Grupeer Review Dec18


Envestio had a bit of slow month, with not too many new investment opportunities and the last two projects of this year were at 16%. Which for them reaching an average of almost 20% historically is rather low. I had sent them an email asking about the availability of new loans and it was responded to very quickly. So thank you for that, Envestio. I always enjoy good, fast support with clear communication. To inform all of you, more loans are coming soon. Please find their response below:

“Another investment project will be published over the weekends (the last opportunity for this year).
We used to publish 2-3 investment opportunities per week and now we wish to take a short Christmas holidays break to finalize the results and approve our strategy for the following year.
We have ongoing negotiations with a couple of new project owners, but they are also now preparing for holidays, as well as other related parties to loan approval/evaluation process do.
Many new projects will be introduced beginning of 2019! Stay tuned.”

I of course made my position in this platform stronger by going up to EUR3000 but the returns on it are amazing bringing in over EUR66 this month. So once again if you haven’t added Envestio to your portfolio I would definitely recommend doing so, as they said it themselves more loans will be coming up shortly. I just keep my fingers crossed they can maintain the high level of support and interest rates as that is always the risk with success.

Envestio Review Dec18

Last month I told you it might have been the last blog post where Envestio was my final platform to report on. However, I haven’t been able to spend enough time researching other platforms that none of them have convinced me so far. Admittedly I must just spend more time on it. I plan to do just that during this week – which I have off from work. I continued working in the Christmas period so now finally this week I will have more time to do my due diligence into other/new platforms. My goal is still to only invest until my maximum of EUR10000 diversified over multiple platforms and I’ll stick to that plan.

As always, thank you very much for reading. I’m open to any comments, suggestions or questions you might have. Remember all links are referrals and support my blog and get a starting bonus yourself on one of the platforms. Have a lovely day and successful 2019!

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