Crowdlending Review Aug/Sept 2018

Peer to Peer Lending: Portfolio update Aug/Sept 2018

Hello fellow alternative investment seekers!

Let me first start with an apology as to why my last post was 1,5 months ago and explain the reason why this is a combined update of August & September after the overview of the current state of my platforms.
I started with €5500 in the second half of June 2018:

Aug/Sept 2018Received interestAccount Value

During the 1st of September, I was in my first week of a three week trip to the Philippines with my wife. I had first thought to write the post there… but you know how things can go so far abroad.

When I came back home, it was already the 15th of September. The first week back at work was crazy, with a supplier telling our management they won’t make the deadline on something they are building for us. As I’m responsible for the project… it was my head on the line too. So for the next two weeks I did everything I could to get the project back on track. Which luckily it now more or less is. No excuses, but I was just too tired in the evenings, on top with a plumber coming for 3 days during that period in the evenings to install a new heater and some radiators and I chose a supplier to replace all the windows in my apartment, which will most likely happen at the end of November.

So… I guess you can say life happened and I just couldn’t find the time nor the energy to write a post. Which is something I really didn’t want to do, especially with a starting blog. But I can only do better from here on out right? At least that is for sure the goal! To provide the readers every month, on the 1st if possible, with a new update of my portfolio.

Let’s dive straight into it. Hopefully you find it interesting and feel free to ask me any questions you might have about the progress or the P2P Lending platforms!



​As the interest rates were dropping rapidly at the end of my last portfolio update, I dove into some Secondary Market Transactions to still receive some decent returns, together with some Campaign Rewards. I focussed mostly on loans with a maximum term of 30 days, giving Mintos the time to get some better loans in and to keep my money liquid by the time they do.

​There has been some progress, but 12% is about all you can expect for now. So for now, we’ll have to wait and see, but I’m expecting them to get back to 14% loans later on.

Mintos Review Sept18


​Bondora isn’t really my favourite platform, because of several reasons. But the interest returns don’t lie and have a steady pace. In this interest received, there are no campaign rewards or secondary transaction fees in my favour, so comparing this to Mintos, I’m getting higher returns on the investment, averaging around a solid 14%.
Bondora review Sept18


A decent return from Robocash, actually a bit higher than Mintos because of the 14%, and a few 14,50% loans. However, the latter haven’t brought in any returns yet. There are quite some over dues but I’ve been in contact with Robocash and I must say I’m really pleased of their response to my emails. Whenever a loan is overdue for more than 30 days, Robocash will automatically buy back the loan and provide you with your principal + interest. So they take away all the risk for the user, which is always a great thing to get.

​Unfortunately it seems they are getting a lot of Buybacks, so I’m not sure where this will lead for the platform, but in total 18 of my finished loans got the Buyback from Robocash.

The amount of loans is still the same as when I started investing with them, but at least most of my money is always invested, so I can’t complain about the platform at all. Again, big kudos for the great response to my support questions!

Robocash Review Sept18


Unfortunately Crowdestor pays out my loan the 5th of the next month, so I haven’t received the interest of September yet as that will come in in 4 days. However, they are always on time and I actually had added this amount already to my previous portfolio update. Actual received amount during august and September (so on 05/08 and 05/09) was €30, with €15 on its way soon. So even though the amount seems a bit low compared to some other platforms, they are actually outperforming as in total €45 of interest have been accumulated already, beating out the previous 3 platforms because of the 18% loan.

At the moment however the interest received is not invested yet. Mostly because their last project offered only 13%, which was significantly lower than their previous opportunities. It has now been fully funded with no follow-up projects. So hopefully Crowdestor can  pick up the amount of loans soon, giving new members also the opportunity to invest with them.
Crowdestor review Sept18


Steady returns now on the investments, scoring a bit higher than Robocash. This is mostly because Grupeer has/had 15% loans in which I’m invested compared to the 14%. Admittedly at this moment, the available loans on Grupeer have also dropped to 14%. So we’ll have to wait and see if they get back to their previous high or if we can expect  14% with them from now on.

Solid platform, not much to say. The interests are coming in on time and can easily be reinvested as there are always plenty of active Loan Deals.
Grupeer review Sept18


I think for Envestio I will keep repeating myself (and happy to do so), their platform is outperforming my other investments. I do want to stress again, it is important to diversify across multiple platforms if you would like to start investing via P2P Lending.

Most is from received interests, I did get a little part as “Timespan bonus for Invitee”, which is always a nice addition. You can read more about this in my Envestio Review.

Envestio has also been stepping up their game lately, with a lot of new loans coming in regularly, most being >20%!. So this platform is going places and from my current portfolio still gets my recommendation if you are looking to start investing into Peer-to-peer lending also. Again, please be smart and limit the risks by doing a lot of your own research and diversify your portfolio.

Envestio Review Sept18

That’s it for now. I’m really pleased with the good results. On the €5500 investment mid-June I’ve now averaged €80 per month over the last two months!

As promised, I’ll do monthly updates from now on. Feel free to leave comments, likes, share,… whatever you can do to support this starting blog is greatly appreciated.

Have a lovely month of October everyone (which also happens to be my birthday month).

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