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Peer to Peer Lending: Portfolio update Aug 2019

Hello everyone with an Investor’s Mindset!

Due to a busy weekend, and nearly the end of the summer holidays, I’ll keep the update for this month nice and short.

I’m however trying to always post on the 1st of each month, so here we go with the numbers first;

August 2019Received interestAccount Value
Neo Finance€-0,77€1052,73
Total (€10.000 start)€184,98€11.627,91

It’s actually the first time I have a negative number in the monthly update. However, it’s the best month overall yet. This is due to a big payday of Crowdestor with a bullet type loan.

And who doesn’t want to receive nearly €185 interest on roughly €11.500 in one single month?


Last year Minto has a big dip, and currently it’s again in one. The interest rates dropped from up to 16% just a few weeks ago to now 12,5%. So right now I’m not investing much just yet. I might grab a couple of 30 days or less loans, but I don’t mind sitting on the side-line for a moment until interest rates go up again.

Mintos Review August 2019


Lower month than last portfolio update, by almost half. Robocash always gives 12% loans, but when some go overdue it takes until they get the buyback triggered for the investors to get paid in full. So I’m expecting next month to go above two digits again.

Robocash Review August 2019

I had announced it last month, and perfectly on time a bullet type loan came in with a payday of over €50. This is the highest returns I’ve ever had on a platform, but of course it means lower returns until the principal + interest payment. Either way I’m a big fan of the platform!

Crowdestor has a very nice looking project in mobile gaming coming up, with at least an 18% interest rate and potentially more over a 12 month loan period. I won’t invest more as I’m at my maximum in P2P Loans, but will gladly hold my funds on the account until this goes live in 5 days. Don’t miss out on this!

I also wrote a Crowdestor review in June 2019, so check it out!

Crowdestor Review May19


Crowdestor Review August 2019


Not much exiting happening at Grupeer, but I see that as a good thing. I had some loans returning in August and was able to pick up 13,50% loans. Lower than their peak at one point, but it’s still very decent. I just have to sit back and see the return beat any bank, and Grupeer is the perfect Crowdlender to do that with.

Grupeer Review August 2019


Envestio is still struggling a bit with the amount of new loans, things haven’t really improved much over the last couple of months. I was able to manually invest in an 18% loan during August, but have then been sitting on €700+ which is still looking for a home. Let’s see if next time my Autoinvest settings kick in.

You can check out my settings in my recent Envestio Review.

Envestio Review August 2019


Unfortunately the first negative return on a platform has been with Neo Finance. The reason was that a loan defaulted and I had to buy it back at 60% of its original value. Neo Finance offers  70% for an A-type loan, 60% for B-type (which I had) and only 50% for a C-type loan. So always be careful as this is a real possibility.

Never fun, but to be fair the received interest during the month almost picked up the loss I took on it. It ended up being less than €1 down on the month, which isn’t too bad.

I’ll surely monitor the platform and will cross my fingers for it not happening too often moving forward.

Neo Finance Review August 2019


This will be the last month of steadily receiving €17,50 every time, as I was able to invest my interest (€100, the minimum) into a second loan. Starting from September I will be receiving €19.21. Don’t you just love how compounding works? Kuetzal is slowly growing on me, I wouldn’t mind at all if they are able to keep this up!

Kuetzal Review August 2019


I’ve received the second payment on my €588 start on the platform a couple of months ago. This is the platform I transferred my funds of Bondora into. Not much to get excited about just yet, only receiving enough for a beer. Writing that got me in the mood for that, so cheers! This one is to higher returns on the platform as time goes on. Best thing about investing, your money can work for you… Even whilst you are asleep.

Reinvest Review August 2019

Stock investing

As always Trump is being a bit of a pain in the butt with his Tweets, making big waves in the market. This time not in a positive way. However towards the end of the month my stock portfolio almost had the same value as in the beginning of the month, so nothing too major to be upset about. My initial €15.000 investment portfolio now has a value of €15.660.

I’m still very curious where the Trade Wars with China will lead to. It might just all blow over until the elections next year. We’ll have to wait and see, for now I’m not putting in more money into the market, however there are some nice deals to be had right now. Perhaps if I spot a really nice one I could go for a non-dividend stock and aim more for growth instead of dividends.

We’ll see, so many exciting options. That’s what really makes this fun and exciting for me.

I hope you all have enjoyed your summer holidays this year, now let the sum we’ve all invested into P2P or other types of investments pay for our next holiday, shall we? It truly is possible.

Take care everyone!

Kind regards,


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