P2P Lending Portfolio update April 2019

Peer to Peer Lending: Portfolio update Apr 2019

Hello everyone with an Investors Mindset!

Thank you and welcome to another monthly update of my investment portfolio. As a small recap, I’ve started in June 2018 and build up my portfolio in P2P Investing to €10000. I’m nearing €11000 now within one year. Just let that sink in for a moment, and then compare it to your return on your savings account. I keep a healthy amount there for emergencies. But I’ve decided to continually (re)-invest the rest. That being said, I’ve strengthened my Stock Investments to €8000 this month. A lot of exciting stuff there too, with a lot of earnings being reported of stocks I own, plus early this month my first dividends!

As we are coming to a steady amount of readers I also want to launch an idea. Would you be interested in me supporting a charity? First I could do a poll and give a couple of options. Then I can show an actual investment in it, for example €100. We could also set-up a fund where our readers can assist that I will invest fully, with screenshots. As I think receiving things is great, but giving back and helping our planet in doing so is also important. Feel free to leave your comments below, for next month I could potentially include a poll to which charities as I have some in mind.

Here are the numbers of April 2019:

April 2019Received interestAccount Value
Neo Finance€2,96€1016,69

An average month this month, in line with last month so all went well. Also I’m now fully up-and-running on my two new platforms. So from now on all I have to do is sit back and let compounding do its work.


My average Mintos loan percentage went up to 13.42% from 13.25% this month. That means the platform is continuing the upward trend with plenty of secured loans (in EUR) being available starting from 14%. My average remaining term is 24 months giving me a nice mix of shorter and longer term loans. So in my eyes the biggest and most stable platform available in Europe lives up to its name (and still growing!). Granted they do have ups and downs, but for now things are stable. I like stable.

Mintos Review April 19


Weak month right now, and I’m slowly starting to feel how bad the platform is getting on its loans. I’ve tried to build my portfolio in a smart way, without having too much risk. But it seems what everyone else was saying was true. I thought I could potentially get better returns than most, but this has been a weak month for me. Too many defaults are really hurting the platform and pushing down our returns.

Bondora Review April 19


Last month I wrote a lot about Robocash, tossing it a like. So this time I’ll keep it short and sweet. I’m getting the returns I’m expecting. However this month a lot of loans didn’t get paid yet, resulting in a slow month. Unfortunately a lot of loans go overdue and get bought back by Robocash. I’m not sure if that’s the best business model for them, but currently it’s good for investors.

For the first time I have 3 bullet type loans coming back next month which were 14.5% on 180 days. I’m curious about that, but a bit sad that those are the last higher percentage loans with the default now being 12%. So this month low income, I’m expecting a boost for next month.

Robocash Review April 19

Crowdestor to me is always going nice and steady. I had my first loan being completed during this month, returning €1000 to my account. Luckily the amount of loans available always cover the demand and that’s why this is one of my favourite platforms. The other reasons being the high interest percentage and on time monthly interest payments. I was lucky enough to invest the total amount in my account into an 18% loan for the next 24 months (Inch²), paying me €15.52 monthly interest. One small caveat, the first payment will be in June, skipping Ma. A nice interest payment of €31.57 on 05-06-2019 more than makes up for that so I’m looking forward knowing May will have no returns, as my other loan only starts paying interest in August.

Also, Crowdestor now allows investments in new loans starting from €50, down from €100. Which I think is a good thing as it allows me to re-invest my interest faster and it lowers the amount you need to enter the platform.

Crowdestor Review April 19


This month my returns on Grupeer are a bit higher than other months. Reason being I was able to grab a couple of loans with a 1% cashback giving me €3,80 extra for April. It’s a bit sweet and sour, as the interest rates have dropped slightly with most loans now being around 13% compared to the 15% of before. So the 1% cashback only makes up part of that change and is of course a temporary thing. But overall I can’t complain for this month, we’ll have to see what the future brings.

Grupeer Review April 19


Envestio managed to continue with slightly higher interest rate loans this month. Nothing compared to a steady flow of the 20% loans in the past of course, but I did manage to grab some of 17 & 18% ones in April. Being fast is the name of the game however. As soon as I see an email come in of a new loan, I take a couple of minutes break of work and make sure I get my funds invested. Otherwise it is simply too late.

Rates can be compared to Crowdestor these days, however Crowdestor doesn’t have the same issue of loans being funded in minutes. So until Envestio gets this sorted out more, I would recommend giving Crowdestor a look in favour of Envestio. If you are already invested in Envestio I advise to be very reactive to their emails. Do note, no new loans will be added on the platform during the first week of May.

Envestio Review April 19


Finally during April all my funds was invested in Neo Finance. They do take away a bit of tax from each investment so be aware of that. I did end up paying almost €23 for a provision fund, that’s why my returns are really low for April. Getting everything invested was not very easy which led me to this decision after buying a couple of loans from the secondary market. Reason why is because I took a higher risk loan of 27%. It’s the only risk type C in my portfolio, but I didn’t mind putting €100 in it to try. It is spread over 60 months so I did want to be sure, hence paying the hefty provision fee. I had initially planned to maybe sell this loan with some profit on the secondary market, as I see a lot do. But to be honest, that is not my style so I’ll keep it.
One downside of the platform for me is the speed. Compared to all others in my portfolio this is by far the slowest. Each page takes a while to load. Other than that no complaints really.

Neo Finance Review April 19


Steady income of €17.50 per month and now the second months payment was perfectly on time. So not much I can see as this is for me a hands off platform. Similar to what Envestio was a bit in the beginning. Getting started with it was really smooth, the platform is easy to get started with and so far my experience has been positive. I hope they keep this up, so I can start recommending it maybe in a couple of months. For now the platform is still very new and thus it does have a little more risk than some others. If you are okay with that, then I would surely invite you to read up about them.

Also the extra starting bonus is still available. If you click through on my affiliate link and use the code “SPRING2019”, you will receive €10 extra on your Kuetzal account.

Kuetzal Review April 19

Stock investing

It’s fun coming home from work and take a moment to destress. For me this is either watch a TV show I’m following or reading up on the stock market. Which is usually a mix for me most evenings. I enjoy reading about the stocks in my watch-list or those I have already invested in.

Currently I have extended my stock portfolio to a total of 7 different stocks. I’m invested mostly in markets I know and I try to diversify region wise. Therefor I have a couple of Belgian stocks, my most recent one is from France, rest are either UK or US stocks. This guards me a bit from a potential future market crash. Also having a 4% dividend on average is keeping me rather safe from that no matter what. And if a crash does happen, I will take that opportunity to buy more stocks of the ones in my portfolio at a ‘discount’.

As always, if you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comments and I will be very happy to get back to you.

Today is a public holiday in a lot of countries, so I wish you a great day (off)!

Kind regards,


  • Druss says:

    Nice report and great portfolio mix.
    Your Mintos portfolio generates a better interest rate than mine. What auto-invest setup do you have?
    Good luck.

    • Ken says:

      Hi there,

      Thank you for the question. Actually I must admit I usually check daily and my most recent investments have been manual ones.
      However my auto invest does pick up loans too. I have all loan originators selected, but only buyback guaranteed.
      Then my setup is as follows. Hope that helps?

      Mintos auto invest

      Good luck with your investments also! Have a great day.

  • Sander says:

    Hello, I’m Sander from Holland.

    Nice blog and nice Mintos interests you have there!

    I dont know if you want to give away your manual filter settings, and tactics? If yes, what are your manual filter settings, and other things you look at before you choose a loan to invest.



    • Ken says:

      Hi Sander, nice to meet you and welcome to the blog.

      In my recent Mintos Review blog post I mostly explain my auto invest filter. Basically all Loan Originators with Buyback guarantee, only primary market starting from above 13%.

      However, as I usually check Mintos once per day I end up doing a lot of manual investments. Also there I don’t care as much, as long as it’s buyback guaranteed. I use these filters to quickly sort: Primary Market Filter

      Other than that, I try to select the ones with a high Borrower APR if possible.
      Hope that helps already a bit? Please let me know if I can provide you with additional information. Happy to do so.

      Have a great evening!

  • Sander den Otter says:

    Hi Ken,

    Thanks for your quick response, “high APR”, do you mean as low as possible? Because: In general, the lower the APR the lower the risk of the loan defaulting.

    These are my stats:

    Current € 525.12
    Grace Period € 157.75
    1-15 Days Late € 313.61

    Above results show on all the platforms I have tried: fast invest, iuvo.

    I like to have “current” more like your stats, but somehow it’s not working out for me.

    • Ken says:

      Hi Sander,

      Yes, good spot! You are correct, “the lower the APR the lower the risk of the loan defaulting.”
      Either way, I’m not really too worried about it with buyback guaranteed loans, but best to be aware of it.

      And yes, I meant lower. Thanks!

      In your case, I wouldn’t worry about the loans being in Grace period and late categories. They will add to your account eventually.
      Would it be an idea to try and sell some of your loans, and manually invest in the criteria that work for you?
      That’s how I did it to be honest.

      Take care!

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