Crowdlending Review July 2018

Peer to Peer Lending: Portfolio update July 2018

Peer to Peer Lending: Portfolio update July 2018

Hello, fellow alternative investment seekers!

If you are looking for a smarter way to invest, then this portfolio update of my first full month should get you at least a little bit excited.

During June 2018 I started with peer to peer lending with the first platform: Mintos. Eventually, it led to me investing a total of €5500 spread across 6 different platforms. Originally I was hoping to invest a little bit more at once, but some unforeseen costs have slowed down my investment strategy there.

However no worries, the goal I had initially planned by 2025 (more about this in the About page) is still achievable and I will try to add some more funds later on in maybe one or two more platforms.​

July 2018Received interestAccount Value

How do you invest €5000? Results after 1 month

Review of portfolio after I started investing in p2p loans one month ago.

Hi all,

As always let me start by thanking you for being interested in investing smarter than on a normal savings account with the bank… Where only the bank makes a profit of and you actually go backwards against inflation.

Roughly one month ago I started my P2P Lending / Crowdfunding journey where it was clear from the start I wanted to diversify. I investigated a lot of the platforms and read up as much as I could. If you would like to take your first steps, just as I did, please do your own research and due diligence. I didn’t invest all at once, so only some have a result of the full month, some only from two weeks. But I’ll go more into detail below.

The first month is always a bit harder to base results on, as they are not always as transparent everywhere and might not give a very clear picture yet of future returns, but I’ll try to give detailed updates every month. For now my portfolio’s total is €5500.

  • Mintos: On €1000 currently at €7,63 interest after one month
  • Bondora: On €500 currently at €2,07 interest after one month
  • Robocash: On €1000 currently at €8,58 interest after one month
  • Crowdestor: On €1000 no interest yet, explained below
  • Grupeer: On €1000 currently at €1,89 interest after 2,5 weeks
  • Envestio: On €1000 currently at €7,25 interest after 2 weeks

Total€27,42 interest on the €5500 investment so far. Which I have to say is not a bad first step for some passive income. Time now to let this compound interest grow. I’ll update monthly, but don’t forget, this is just a small part of the whole post.


6 alternative investment tools you could be using

Review of my portfolio after a few weeks

Hi everyone,

Thank you for being interested in a starting investor and being part of the journey. I hope the blog will give you valuable insight on European P2P Lending Platforms.

Online you can find a lot of information about the American market. Part of the reason why I’m creating this blog, is to give a better perspective for Europeans looking for information on how to invest your savings. As we all know, letting it collect dust in the bank is going backwards because of inflation.

I started investing after investigating many blogs, reading as much as I could, watching YouTube video’s and review websites. Before making your first investments I would advise you to do your research first. For me it took many evenings and weekends. And one big tip: diversify your money – spread across different investment strategies. In order of investments I’ll give my initial opinion in the following P2P Lending platforms, which are both Personal, as Business or Real Estate Loans.


How to nearly double your money in 5 years?

Mintos – Robocash – Bondora To Start

Hi all, thank you for visiting this newly started blog. The goal is clear (Solid you could say), I’m starting to take my first steps into investing to eventually arrive at a steady passive income whilst building compound interests over time. Focus is on P2P (Peer to Peer) lending, Crowdfunding – mostly invest in Real Estate and Business projects, stock market and eventually owning and renting out Real Estate.

Over the last few weeks – all my free time went into investigating potential options to incrementally grow my financial situation, taking into account risk v.s. reward. I recently married my beautiful Filipina wife and that opened my eyes even more towards the/our future. This means after my fulltime job as CRM specialist I’ve spent the many evenings, as well as almost every free moment during the weekend browsing. Here I saw that especially P2P Lending and Crowdfunding is becoming more popular in Europe, but not too much detailed information (with results) or blogs are up-and-running for this… Hopefully this will become a source of just that for European investors. Informative and detailed information with real results. With clear results on how to double the investment in less than 6 years.

I’ve always had a mindset towards stock investing, saving for the future / pension and good at saving. As an example 5 years ago I’ve loaned from the bank for my apartment. I took the loan over 30 years. Now 5 years later I’ve already paid off over 50% of this loan. Just because I’m able to manage my salary against expenses very well, as we don’t have options like HELOC for example in Europe. However my next goal is bigger… much bigger.

Here you will find in the very near future reviews of; MintosRobocashBondoraGrupeerCrowdestorEnvestio and much more. Potentially also about Cryptocurrency, Stock market picks, dividends, Real Estate, …

After my initial steps in these platforms – these made my top 5 (more will come as time goes on):


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