History of my Mintos investments

Start investment: 12/06/2018
Amount invested: €1000
Interest: 13%
​Buyback guaranteed
Bonus new member: 1,0% for all deposits in the first 90 days by signing up through my link

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Mintos Review

We’re coming up on 1 year on the platform and 10% interest received on my initial investment, so I feel it’s time now for a review of value. Anything written before were more speculations and opinions.

About the platform

Mintos is the biggest platform in Europe and has proven the most. In terms of reliability, I would recommend them if you would like to take the first steps into P2P Lending.

Currently it is available in 7 languages and supports deposits in different 10 currencies. Do note there is an exchange fee attached if you would like to convert funds on Mintos.

In total they have 56 different loan originators as of May 2019. This allows for a great diversification, even within the platform.

How to get started

On Mintos you can start investing with as little as 10 EUR. Depositing money took 2 days for me to arrive, so it goes quick.  You can also get a 1% starter bonus on all your investments when signing up through an affiliate. This 1% is applied on all your deposits within your first 90 days on the platform.


  • Biggest & longest established platform in Europe
  • Buyback guaranteed
  • Starter bonus
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Well working Auto Invest
  • Good reporting options
  • Plenty of loans available


  • Interest rates can go down quite a lot at times
  • Not everyone getting the same results
  • Quite a lot of late payments
  • Currently high percentage loans are only personal & short-term ones
  • Not the highest interest rates around
  • Getting auto invest configured well can be a bit tricky at first

About the loans

As stated there are always plenty of loans available. The ones I focus on are those only with buyback guarantee starting from 13%. I swap the percentage around from time to time, depending on the overall availability. When there are plenty of loans of 14% or higher, I update to 14%, otherwise I’ll bring it back down.

There are personal, business and real estate loans around. Not all have higher than 10% interest rate however.

You are able to get loans of less than 30 days on the Primary market, all the way up to 80 months. Which to be fair anything more than 4 years just seems too long for my taste.

My auto invest settings

As stated, I have all loan originators selected and have only excluded all ‘non-buyback guaranteed’ ones. I only focus on the primary market. There is some money to be gained by using the secondary market in a smart way. But I prefer to grow my portfolio passively.

Rest of the ‘options’ within the selection matrix I haven’t really touched. So I’ve included all countries, rating and loan types. This leaves me with 47 loan originators:

Mintos Loan Originators

Mintos Auto Invest

Also, whenever I update my auto-invest settings, I usually also use the ‘reset’ option on my Diversification Settings. This to make sure the newest loan originators are also included.

Make sure to press “Save and activate” afterwards.

Mintos Diversification Settings

Predefined strategies

When first starting on Mintos, you will have the chance to select out of 3 predefined strategies. My recommendation is to not use those. As for me, they don’t cover my needs and are not the most optimised. The rates they aim for are also much lower than you can receive, so they tend to pick up loans that no one else is investing in. So I would advise to stay away from them and look at setting up your auto invest settings.

My current investment portfolio (05/05/2019)


Mintos Review


I can say if you are looking to take your first steps in a Crowdlending platform, this is probably your best choice. The diversity in loan originators, option to only invest in plenty available loans with buyback guarantee and well established platform make this one of the safest bets.

The average return I have after 1 year on the platform is just below 12,50% but currently rising.

Quite often Mintos attracts new loan originators and they always communicate well about them. If you use auto-invest, make sure to update your strategy to include them.

I can throw Mintos a nice recommendation as they have given me enough confidence to do so over the last year. Feel free to get in touch if you are missing details or have any remaining questions.