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Investment Portfolio update July 2020

Hello everyone with an Investor’s Mindset!

Another two months have passed. Time really does fly… In Belgium we moved back into a semi-lockdown state with more strict rules. Which is the right choice in my opinion. So I’m back to working from home for at least another month now. Let’s hope this passes quickly. I hope all of you are staying safe!

So this is what I’ve been doing since the last update:

  • Been going to the office again, was good to see some colleagues and catch up a bit
  • Steadily invested €1000 in the stock market over the last two months. This brings my total up to €36000 invested currently
  • Doing some more day trading. I moved away from going for 1 point scalp trades as the markets are usually too volatile. Instead I’m focussing on swing trading, on average going for a 1-to-1 risk/reward ratio aiming at $150 per trade. So far I went down quite a bit but managed to climb back up to break even yesterday. I’m proud to have not (yet) blown up my account where I invested €1000 in after 2 months.

Time for a change

I think the title I used in last update still applies… I’m in the middle of shifting my focus.

My portfolio in P2P Lending, which was worth over €12000 at one point has, been brought back to just over €6000 now. Thanks to Envestio and Kuetzal being responsible for a loss of almost €4000 here, so please do be careful!

So the focus is really on stocks for me now, whilst keeping what I have now in P2P and I will see where this leads to in the future.

I’m also lucky that I still have 3 out of the 4 grandparents. I’m turning 36 this year so I see this as quite rare. In two weeks I have an appointment with them and the bank, as their savings are just losing them money over the last years – since the bank have invested them into bonds. So perhaps I’ll open up another stock portfolio that I will manage just for them and invest in ETF’s. Soon maybe another investing journey will start giving me more experience along the way.

In parallel I’ve also started looking at investing in Real Estate again more deeply. A few nice ideas and future plans are forming. So hopefully this dream can become a reality in the next couple of years.

Without further ado, the updated breakdown of sectors I’m in;

Diversified Stock Portfolio July 2020

Stock investing

Most of my stocks went up compared to two months ago. I went a bit more heavy in Communication for €1000, buying more shares of Orange (France) since they dipped below €10 per share again. This was done for averaging down, taking my negative 25% on the stock to negative 15%.

The other stock I purchased was Euronav, which has already given me a 12.5% gain in one month. I mainly went for them as they have a good balance sheet, good growth potential, nice dividend and they basically store & transport oil. Since oil prices are so low right now, many companies will be looking towards Euronav to store their oil, until prices go up again.

Also a nice milestone was reached, TSM is the first stock I had a 100% gain on! Unfortunately the two last days of the month were  mainly red days for my portfolio, so it dipped again slightly under. I might be tempted to sell & buy 2 new Dividend paying stocks, but in the case of TSM specifically I’m going to hold them. I just feel they haven’t reached their full potential yet, and they don’t really have any direct competition as a foundry for chipsets globally. So they will safely stay in my portfolio for sure.

Current value (including dividends & tax returns): €33,272.49. I currently have slightly over €600 idle in received dividends. I can’t wait for this to grow until €1000 by the end of the year. It will then be my first investment into a new stock purely on Dividend earnings. Letting earned money grow it’s own money, I’m sure that will be a great feeling & achievement!

Dividend stock portfolio July 2020


During August I will receive dividends from AT&T and Citigroup, both paying quarterly. Luckily, my portfolio was only hit with a couple of dividend cuts. Which overall makes me very happy.

I’m still down roughly €3000. Another stock market correction might be coming when Q3 or Q4 results are reported. For me, I’ll just keep on investing in Dividend stocks every month to grow the portfolio. Eventually the dividend gains will cover completely any losses of the portfolio. And they won’t be losses as long as I don’t sell… which I don’t really plan on doing in the next years.

Take care, stay safe & speak soon!

Kind regards,


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