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Investment Portfolio update November 2020

Hello everyone with an Investor’s Mindset!

It’s been six months since I moved the blog from being more P2P oriented to Stock investing. And oh boy, what a turbulent six months it has been! Seeing as we’re still in a pandemic and very volatile stock market – I have learned a lot on a very short time. I didn’t feel like updating the blog very much since being in the red is not so fun to write about. But I’ll give some more insights below.

Earlier in the week I noticed I was about to reach the goal I had set for myself in 2020. So, I broke my piggy bank slightly and took some money out of my savings account to make it so I now have €40000 invested in my dividend portfolio. A small amount is still not invested yet, but I’m looking for red days to buy some Dry Ice / Hydrogen stocks and perhaps one more Utility stock. Looking back, I started stock investing on the 1st of February 2019. I had put my goal on €40k by the end of this year and it’s now been reached! A great feeling even though the markets have been a crazy rollercoaster in 2020.

My Progress

Let’s start of with an overview of the progress since I started stock investing on 01 February 2019:

Bolero 40k in under 2 years

Stock investing

Just in October, when I had €37000 invested I was in the red for over €2000.

Stock Portfolio October 2020

Now a month and a half later I’m in the green for €2000. Crazy how that goes right?

Stock Portfolio November 2020

Spec stocks / fractional shares in Europe

As there were so many “deals”, but I was running low on funds I decided it’s time for a change and expanded my portfolio to not only include dividend stocks. The kick-off for this was me buying my first non-dividend paying stock on my Belgian broker Bolero: JD.com purely by received dividends in 2020.

I can’t tell you how good it feels when money starts making money all on its own, and my JD stocks are up almost 20% by now. So I’ll just let this go wherever it wants to go.

The change was that I went into some spec stocks, where fractional shares are possible. Living in Belgium there aren’t too many options. Where as in the US they have Robinhood, Webull & M1 Finance as options. However I came across two platforms that I wanted to give a try.

Revolut being my main one, because it allows fractional shares & 3 free trades each month. If you do more than 3 you pay only €1. Since I was excited, I did that a couple of times. I currently have €2500 invested in there, mainly (fractional) spec stocks but also some Gold, Silver and Bitcoin. Should you be interested in picking any of them up, feel free to check them out. The company has been around for ages, well known in UK & Lithuania.

The other one being BUX Zero. This doesn’t offer fractional shares, but it has unlimited free trades. You’ll also get one free share by signing up. I currently have invested €500 with them.

I’ve also gotten an account with €500 on MeDirect, a Belgian online bank because they were giving €50 for opening an account and leaving the funds on there for a while. That’s a 10% increase from the start, so I’ve invested it in my very first Vanguard ETF. They do charge commission on trades, so be mindful if you want to have a look at this online bank. For me, since I received the gift at the start, it was no issue at all.

In total a 5% increase so far:

Spec Portfolio November 2020

Portfolio value & goals

Where does that leave me today? Well I have €43500 currently invested across all mentioned platforms. The current Value is around €45670, which of course fluctuates daily. Seeing as I already reached my goal – my thoughts are to push it to €45000 invested by year end when I receive my taxes back.

I’ve been doing quite some daytrading via NinjaTrader – but to be honest with the markets making crazy moves on daily basis (green futures becoming red & visa versa) I was mainly trading sideways and not improving. So I decided to close the account and get back the €1000 invested, which will push me close to my newly set goal by re-investing.

What’s the take-away I would like to share with all of you? In personal finance every day is a learning day. I gain more knowledge by each article, each YouTube video, interview, stock analysis, … I read, watch or do. And this keeps it very fun. There are always ups and downs, but I think if you’re smart, keep perfecting yourself and have a long-term strategy, you will be successful.

I left affiliate links in here, just in case you are like me and were looking for free trades/fractional shares and would like to have a look at Revolut or Bux Zero. We’ll each get a small bonus for it.

My next goal will be to have at least €55000 invested by the end of 2021. Keep setting and reaching your own goals too!

Have a great month of December & take care. If you’re bored near year-end and have watched everything on Netflix, you can get access to Amazon Prime one month for free (including free shipping, movies & series) and for only €2,99 per month afterward.

Kind regards,


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