Envestio Review 2019

Envestio – My experience after 1 full year on this crowdlender.

Envestio was actually my most favourite platform after being only a little while into Peer To Peer Lending. Based on that, it was actually my very first platform to write a review about on the 15th of August 2018.

So exactly one year later I thought it would be a great time to update my opinion.

Is it still my favourite platform in my portfolio? No it isn’t, but that is mostly due to its own success. And to be fair, it is a close second. If they can clean up some of the issues they’ve been having recently, then I have no doubt in a nice future for them as a crowdlender.

Envestio is still the platform I have the most invested in; €3000, with a total value now of €3562,79. I’ve actually started on 02/07/2018 with only €1000 and added another €2000 on 07/11/2018. Which means at this rate I should reach a clean €1000 euro profit during spring of 2020.

I don’t think there are many other forms of investment that can achieve this in such a short amount of time. It’s even still crazy for me when I see those return numbers every month, which is averaging slightly above €50 on only (?) a €3000 investment.

Envestio sign-up bonus

About the platform

I think Envestio is one of the best platforms around. Great overview of the repayment schedule, giving you a nice overview of all incoming payments as soon as you log in. Projects are nicely detailed with pictures and additional information.

Envestio started approximately 5 years ago, in 2014, have offices in Riga, Latvia and offer investment opportunities in Real Estate, Business, Energy and also Cryptomining equipment. Their crowd investing platform started in December 2017 and is easy to use and understand.

The platform ​offers a very clear overview and can get you started very quickly. You can start investing in loans with as low as €1, which ideally I would recommend against of course. You’ll need however at least €100 to initially get started. Their focus on Crowdinvesting with great and interesting projects made me a believer and after a full year on the platform I can still vouch for them. Also, everything on it is completely free!

At the time of writing they have paid out almost €1.5 million in interest at an average interest rate of above 18% across nearly 9000 investors with a total funds invested above €21 million. Just to show it’s no small platform and I know at least two friends personally who are also invested in Envestio.

About the loans

Loans range from 15% all the way up until 22% and are usually between 4 and 24 months in duration. Each month a couple of new loans are released. Recently the funding target per loan has gone up slightly, but the amount of new loans every month has gone down a bit.

The issue Envestio is currently having, and that’s one of the bigger negative points at this moment, is the demand far exceeds the supply of new loans. Meaning any new loan is gone fairly rapidly. If you don’t jump in during the first two hours, chances are  you are most likely too late already. They have recently introduced an Auto-invest feature, which might make this a little bit worse until more loans are available. Fingers crossed!

How to get started

Getting started is extremely easy. Signing up is straight-forward and fast. Also adding funds on your account shouldn’t take more than 2 days. For me it was already on my account the next day. After registereing you can go to ‘My Account’ and simply click the blue button to “Add Funds”. This will bring up the bank details for a regular bank transfer. Do note, you do require to identify yourself afterwards by adding some personal data (ID & utility bill).

Luckily I signed up using an affiliate link – which gives a €5 first deposit bonus when depositing €100 or more. On top of that, the great part is you will also get a 0.5% cash back on all your investments into loans during the first 270 days! This will show up as “Timespan bonus for Invitee”, combined it’s one of the best starting bonusses around.

Envestio Registration 2019

Envestio add funds by bank payment


  • Great signup bonus
  • High interest rate, one of the highest around
  • Loans always pay on time
  • Clear repayment schedule, also in sample format
  • Detailed project information
  • Easy to use and transparent
  • Quick response on questions via email


  • New loans are gone extremely quickly
  • Not enough loans to cover the demand
  • Reporting is basic
  • Only bank transfer available

My auto invest settings

As it was very recently introduced I haven’t actually had my auto-invest triggered. However, please see my current Autoinvest Rule below:

Envestio autoinvest settings

My current account statement (15/08/2019)

In total I have invested €3000 and up until today have received a total of €562,79.

The “Free to use” by the way, is just the funds (received interest or principal) sitting into my account waiting to be invested.

Envestio Account Balance 2019


If I didn’t believe in Envestio as a good Crowdfunding platform, I wouldn’t have recommended it to two of my personal friends. Even though there still is a bit of cash drag, in this case it’s because the platform convinced so many about it’s quality and excellence. So I happily invite you to join, the more the merrier in this case. Myself and other bloggers I follow have been in contact with Envestio about the shortage of loans, and we always receive the same message – this issue is being dealt with and will be optimised shortly with multiple new loans coming in each month.

Don’t forget when you join Envestio via an affiliate link and get €5 + 0.5% cashback bonus on any amount invested during the first 270 days! That’s €5 extra per €1000 invested. And if you use my link, it helps me to keep this blog going, so thank you very much if you decide to start investing also! I can only recommend you make Envestio part of your diversified portfolio.

As always I do have to stress you do your own due diligence with each investment, as there is always some risk to it. As long as you are well informed and diversified, you can minimise the risk by a lot.

What remains, as mentioned higher in the review, what is my favourite platform at the moment then you might wonder? Well that is Crowdestor! Check out my recent review.

You can follow my monthly portfolio updates, or sign-up for our newsletter, if you want to track my progress with Envestio and my other platforms.

Have a lovely day!


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