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Crowdestor – invest in Businesses and Real Estate.

When I took my first steps into Crowdlending, I started investing in 3 different lenders at once. Then I took a few weeks to research my next platforms to keep myself very diversified. Which is what I highly recommend to anyone who would like to start investing.

I got really excited about Crowdestor and included them in my very first blog post about my three initial platforms as part of my top 5. Almost exactly one year ago now, at the end of June 2018, I joined this Peer-to-Peer lender.

From the start, 12 months ago, up until now I haven’t had a single complaint about Crowdestor. Everything went smooth and I hope this can continue for many years to come.

Crowdestor invest

About the platform

The Crowdestor P2P platform started in early 2018 in Riga and mainly focusses on classic and equity crowdfunding for businesses. Initially a new investor could start with €100, but as of April 2019 it was lowered to €50. Which is great, because that means interest can be reinvested quicker and not collect dust in our accounts until it reaches the threshold.

Initially I saw them as a bit higher risk compared to the others, but with the arrival of their buyback guarantee fund in March 2019, and the fact that Crowdestor takes part  as co-financiers and/or co-developers in any project adds an extra layer of security. So right now I’m feeling pretty confident about the safety of my €1500 investment with them, making them my second largest position in my P2P portfolio.

About the loans

Since I joined the platform, one year ago, I’ve seen loans starting from 12% all the way up to 21%. Most of them average somewhere in the middle of that so a very decent offering. The loan period ranges from 3 months up until 2 years. The influx of new loans usually covers the demand, however there have been moments where everything was fully invested and investors had to be a little patient. Luckily this is never for long.

For me, I was always able to step into projects at 18% or higher so far. So fingers crossed for the next ones!

How to get started

To get started is really easy. Registering and setting up an account is a fairly simple and quick process. My money transfer took only 2 days and was confirmed via email. Afterwards I could jump straight into a project and invest. This was the first platform where I decided to add €1000 in a single project, which has been repaid without issue by now.

I keep forgetting my Pin code however, which is required to add to your profile. So every time I reinvest into a new loan I have to figure out again which pin to use. So please keep this in mind better than I did when you get started.

Crowdestor Register


  • High interest rate, one of the highest around
  • Crowdestor Buyback fund of €73.300 and climbing
  • Loans always pay on time
  • Clear repayment schedule, also in sample format
  • Detailed project information
  • Easy to use and transparent
  • Quick response on questions via email


  • Currently no starting bonus
  • Not the most flashy website
  • Not the highest amount of loans and investors yet
  • Only for European investors
  • Moments where all loans are fully invested
  • Reporting is fairly basic
  • No auto invest option

My auto invest settings

There are no auto-invest options available for Crowdestor at this moment. Which I don’t really see as that big of a negative. This is a different type of platform compared to Mintos, for example.

I like manually reading about the projects I want to invest in first, and then decide manually to go for it or not. Which is why even if they’d have an auto-invest option in the future, I probably wouldn’t configure it.

My current account statement (26/06/2019)

In total I have invested €1500 and up until today have received a total of €176,54.

Crowdestor Account Statement


I feel being on the platform for a full year now, I can confidently write a review now and if I’m fair I don’t have a real negative thing to say about Crowdestor. My experience so far has been very positive and I hope to keep them in my portfolio for a long time to come.

I would however like for them to start offering a starting bonus for new members, so hopefully they can still make this happen.

That being said, I can give my full recommendation if you are looking to start investing in the Crowdfuding space. Crowdestor is not at all a scam or unsecure P2P Platform. What I especially like is that you can actually get to know the businesses you invest in a little bit, and know that your investment could make them potentially grow.

If you join Crowdestor via my affiliate link, I get a little support from you to keep this blog going. So a big thank you from my side if you decide to do so.

You can follow my monthly portfolio updates, if you want to track my progress with Crowdestor.

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