Hi, welcome everyone to the blog focussing mostly on P2P Lending / Crowdlending in Europe.

A bit more about myself: I’m Belgian and born in 1984. When my wife and I got married is where my drive to secure our financial future grew a lot stronger with cause to action.

I’ve always had an investors mindset and I kept an eye on the stock market (fictively buying stocks and keeping track of those in an Excel). My long time goal was also to buy a second apartment and have a healthy passive cash flow coming in.
A bit over 5 years ago I bought my current apartment with at 30 year loan. By saving well, I was able to repay faster and have less than half of the total to go now. This gave me the following plan – where this blog is about. Starting mid 2018:

In 2025 I want to have the remaining part of my current loan fully paid off, and I want to buy my second apartment. How?

  1. Investing in P2P loans, which should give a return somewhere in between 10-15% yearly
  2. Crowdfunding, mostly new businesses or Real Estate
  3. Keep saving every month, the goal is €1000 per month
  4. Stock market. I’m mostly interested in environmentally friendly companies with a nice dividend
  5. Starting up my own blog! I know this won’t bring in much per month, especially in the begining but at some day I want to look back at what I’ve done and (perhaps?) achieved. If nothing else at least this adventure documents that.

So I invite you all to join me on this journey/goal where I will talk real numbers. Which would be somewhere in the ballpark of:

  • €700 rent of my secondary apartment
  • Double my investments by 2025, which over 2018 and 2019 should be around €20.000 invested in crowdlending & stocks (so goal is double up to €40.000)
  • Pay off my current loan of 30 years, 25 remaining (2018). By my calculations I will have to start a new loan for the 2nd property of around €100.000.


Monthly goal of extra income in 2025:

  • €700€450 from loan = €250
  • €50 passive income, as when I’ve doubled my investments I will take out half and let the rest give me a bit of extra spending money each month. Or maybe keep compounding… Not yet fully decided.
  • €100 from the blog, where by then a lot of reviews of the platforms and strategies I’ve used would be on it.
  • Bonus: I currently have in total €250 invested in 5 different crypto currencies. With a bit of luck at least one of those gets a big spike and would offer a nice bonus around that time also. But that’s a long shot and completely guessing game. No harm done if that doesn’t get any ROI.

So at a total of €400 extra monthly income in this 6 year plan should help us towards the ultimate retirement goal; getting a house in the Philippines (wife is a Filipina) and one day spend our retirement there. I will only be 40-41 (to be honest target is whilst still 40) at this goal. So maybe a whole new financial goal will start there with still a long way to go before retirement! But perhaps that’s for another blog…

  • Marius G says:

    Hi, really interesting project, I have been looking for something simillar – extra income. Had good reading and hope you will carry on with you blog. Realy thinking to start investing too
    Best of luck m8!

    • Ken says:

      Hi Marius,

      Thank you. Glad to see your reply and interest in investing!
      I can only support your idea to start investing also. There are risks of course, as with everything you do. But times are changing and just having all your money on a bank account is also a risk… because you are in fact lowering your net worth. You can lower the risks by doing enough research. But I must admit, it gives a whole new level of enthousiasm when you start. So I would say good luck & go for it. Take care! I will for sure keep documenting my journey every month.

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