Hi, welcome everyone to the blog focussing mostly on P2P Lending / Crowdlending in Europe.

A bit more about myself: I’m Belgian and born in 1984. When my wife and I got married is where my drive to secure our financial future grew a lot stronger with cause to action.

I’ve always had an investors mindset and I kept an eye on the stock market (fictively buying stocks and keeping track of those in an Excel). My long time goal was also to buy a second apartment and have a healthy passive cash flow coming in.
A bit over 5 years ago I bought my current apartment with at 30 year loan. By saving well, I was able to repay faster and have less than half of the total to go now. This gave me the following plan – where this blog is about. Starting mid 2018:

In 2025 I want to have the remaining part of my current loan fully paid off, and I want to buy my second apartment. How?

  1. Investing in P2P loans, which should give a return somewhere in between 10-15% yearly
  2. Crowdfunding, mostly new businesses or Real Estate
  3. Keep saving every month, the goal is €1000 per month
  4. Stock market. I’m mostly interested in environmentally friendly companies with a nice dividend
  5. Starting up my own blog! I know this won’t bring in much per month, especially in the begining but at some day I want to look back at what I’ve done and (perhaps?) achieved. If nothing else at least this adventure documents that.

So I invite you all to join me on this journey/goal where I will talk real numbers. Which would be somewhere in the ballpark of:

  • €700 rent of my secondary apartment
  • Double my investments by 2025, which over 2018 and 2019 should be around €20.000 invested in crowdlending & stocks (so goal is double up to €40.000)
  • Pay off my current loan of 30 years, 25 remaining (2018). By my calculations I will have to start a new loan for the 2nd property of around €100.000.


Monthly goal of extra income in 2025:

  • €700€450 from loan = €250
  • €50 passive income, as when I’ve doubled my investments I will take out half and let the rest give me a bit of extra spending money each month. Or maybe keep compounding… Not yet fully decided.
  • €100 from the blog, where by then a lot of reviews of the platforms and strategies I’ve used would be on it.
  • Bonus: I currently have in total €250 invested in 5 different crypto currencies. With a bit of luck at least one of those gets a big spike and would offer a nice bonus around that time also. But that’s a long shot and completely guessing game. No harm done if that doesn’t get any ROI.

So at a total of €400 extra monthly income in this 6 year plan should help us towards the ultimate retirement goal; getting a house in the Philippines (wife is a Filipina) and one day spend our retirement there. I will only be 40-41 (to be honest target is whilst still 40) at this goal. So maybe a whole new financial goal will start there with still a long way to go before retirement! But perhaps that’s for another blog…

  • Marius G says:

    Hi, really interesting project, I have been looking for something simillar – extra income. Had good reading and hope you will carry on with you blog. Realy thinking to start investing too
    Best of luck m8!

    • Ken says:

      Hi Marius,

      Thank you. Glad to see your reply and interest in investing!
      I can only support your idea to start investing also. There are risks of course, as with everything you do. But times are changing and just having all your money on a bank account is also a risk… because you are in fact lowering your net worth. You can lower the risks by doing enough research. But I must admit, it gives a whole new level of enthousiasm when you start. So I would say good luck & go for it. Take care! I will for sure keep documenting my journey every month.

      • Bert says:

        Hello Ken!
        I am from Austria and also on the way to financial freedom. I want to get in contact with you and exchange about stocks, dividends, interest rates in banks outside europe, coaches, etc. and I might have an interesting investment my wife an me decided to give a try. It may help you higher your income as well, diversify your portfolio and may also be an investment idea for your blog.
        Best Regards from Austria!

        • Ken says:

          Hi Bert!
          Nice of you to reach out. I’m always interested to learn more about potential alternative investment methods, for sure.
          Stocks & Dividends – what would you like to discuss here? I’ll probably update my whole portfolio on the site next week. As I have a week off from work.
          Banks outside of Europe come with a lot of risk, especially for taxes and so on, so not sure that’s my cup of tea, but happy to learn more.
          How would you like to get in touch further?
          Kind regards,

  • Andy says:

    Hello Ken ,

    By chance I found your blog and found your investment plan very interesting. I also live in Belgium, but I am not of belgian origin (India). But from what I see the P2P lending is very interesting. I hope its not risky. I have just registed myself witgh mintos. I am currently renting an aprtment in Belgie but bought a holiday apartment 9 years ago in India and the mortgage ends by 2025. Paying for the mortgage has however diminished my savings potential here (although the apartment is also an asset investment). Although I ahve a pention plan with my company, I want to save enough for my kids and become self sufficient during retirement. If possible, I could explain you my situation through a private email in detail and I would be glad if you could give me some directions on an investment plan.

  • Stephan says:

    Hi I just came to this blog by accident. But I really really like what your doing.
    This is a great example of Investing in a low return and high priced market. Actually I think this is very smart… and I am amazed I didnt come up with this. Definitly want to try to do the same. Would love to get into contact with you to discuss this even further.

  • Mateusz Pusiewicz says:

    Hi Ken!
    I am 24 years old classical musician living and studying in Amsterdam. I love to play music and I am planning to become a freelancing musician after graduation. I read Dave Ramsey book the total financial makeover and I started to think about my financial situation. I am debt-free, I saved 5000 euro already for all emergency situations and now I want to start working on my retirement plan. I am planning to invest 15% of my monthly income. The problem is that I have no clue how to do it. How should I invest long term? All the blogs that I read are related to the Americans and there is nothing how to do it, living in Europe (The Netherlands in my case). I love your blog, keep up a good work 😉

    • Ken says:

      Hi there Mateusz,
      Being 24, having saved 5000 euro already and being debt free with an Investors’ Mindset is already way ahead of the curve! Good job.
      No one can tell you what the best type of investments could be. We all make mistakes – most likely platforms like Kuetzal teach us those hard lessons.

      Investing is taking some risk here and there, but only invest what you can lose would be my advise. For now, as there is quite some uncertainty in P2P platforms I would not recommend investing via any Estonian/Latvian companies. If you’d like to start I’d say pick the safer options like Mintos.

      Stock/Dividend investing could be very useful, especially at your age if you have long term goals. There are a lot of great companies in the Netherlands in which you can invest. My golden rule for your savings is to start with investing half. Which in your case could be a good start with 2000 or 3000. My advise is to aim for 4% or 5% dividend stocks (not higher) and invest per 1000 (not lower, otherwise transaction costs might be a bit high).

      You can read so much about it and the Total Financial Makeover is a great start, but I would say if you have an interst in stocks, become a master in how to invest in dividend stocks first. It’s not the greatest type of investment, but I’m sure it’s quite close. There is some uncertainty in the market – but to be fair that is always the case. So only pick companies you believe in to have a very good potential right now, with a lot of growth potential. Feel free to bounce some ideas off me and I can give you my opinion about them if you’re unsure about picking stocks.

      Anyway, thanks for the kind words, and don’t be shy to ask anything that is on your mind!

      • Mateusz says:

        Hi Ken,
        Thank you for your reply. It really means a lot to me that you managed to find some time and write such a thoughtful answer. I read many books about investing and read quite some articles from the time of your response. The total money makeover was a very good read! It a crazy time now to start investing, but as Warren Buffet said “Be Fearful When Others Are Greedy and Greedy When Others Are Fearful” I think I should finally try to start investing, starting with 3000 euro. From the time of emerging in stock investing, the list of questions is constantly growing…..What do you think about investing in giants like Facebook, Google in times of such a downside caused by virus? My goal is to invest with the long term in mind. How to look for great companies in the Netherlands? most of the articles I read are talking only about companies in US market. I am curious what platform do you use for monitoring your stocks ( i should learn how to navigate in such a space first, I think) and if you have any recommendation on how to research companies worth investing would be a great help. Maybe you could answer to my email? I dont want to spam to much on your website 😉
        Best regards,

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