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Review of my portfolio after a few weeks

Hi everyone,

Thank you for being interested in a starting investor and being part of the journey. I hope the blog will give you valuable insight on European P2P Lending Platforms.

Online you can find a lot of information about the American market. Part of the reason why I’m creating this blog, is to give a better perspective for Europeans looking for information on how to invest your savings. As we all know, letting it collect dust in the bank is going backwards because of inflation.

I started investing after investigating many blogs, reading as much as I could, watching YouTube video’s and review websites. Before making your first investments I would advise you to do your research first. For me it took many evenings and weekends. And one big tip: diversify your money – spread across different investment strategies. In order of investments I’ll give my initial opinion in the following P2P Lending platforms, which are both Personal, as Business or Real Estate Loans.

Investment made in Mintos = €1000.
​Very straight forward and easy-to-use platform. As it was my first I didn’t want to wait for my 1k to be invested, so I put my auto invest into 13% and 14% loans. However as the platform is so big, I can advise to put your auto invest into 14% only. I only took loans in EUR, some other currencies might give even higher but do keep the exchange rate in mind.

Mintos Auto Invest

My Mintos Auto Invest settings

I only invested into loans with Buyback Guarantee, maximum of 12 months and 14%. Minimum amount invested €10 and maximum €25.
I can only recommend to use Mintos as one of your peer-to-peer platforms in Europe.

Investment made in Bondora = €500.
This is a bit of a special story. I had read mostly good comments and the higher returns than Mintos drew me in (17% – 22%). I thought I’d be fine if I was using Portfolio Pro and only invested in AA, A, B and C loans. However I really didn’t like the fact that most loans got split into €1 for 36 month pieces. I mean come on… who does that. I wasn’t really getting the loans I wanted in my criteria.

I had actually first deposited €1000, but after a couple of days and reading more and more bad reviews – my guts told me to withdraw half. So I took out €500 which wasn’t invested at the time (€480 out of €1000 was invested back then). I haven’t regretted the decision since and feel much more comfortable with the other platforms below that I invested in. So this one I wouldn’t recommend – especially since a lot of the loans I took haven’t paid back yet, even though the decent rating. So we’ll see how much they can recover in the long run. This is the only platform I’m using currently without buyback guarantee and I’m not too fond of it.

Bondora Auto Invest

My Bondora Auto Invest Settings



Investment made in Crowdestor = €1000.
Up until this point my portfolio didn’t include any Business crowdfunding platform yet. I was looking at many options (Crowdestate, Bulkestate, …), but for me in the mix of Real Estate and Business loans Crowdestor seemed the most interesting. The website doesn’t offer a lot yet in terms of reporting tools, and is rather boring in “My Account” section. But I know they have future plans here and it doesn’t really bother me much at this stage.

It’s a newer site with a bit higher risk than the more established ones, but with the Cryptocurrency Mining Farm recently exiting on time (36% interest rate for a 3 month period), it gave me plenty of confidence in the platform. Currently I’ve only invested in the “Increase of Operating Capital” project for the full amount of €1000 (18%).

Crowdestor Project

The Crowdestor Project I Invested My Full Funds In

Crowdestor is giving me a good feeling even though it hasn’t proven itself yet as a platform, but I always follow my feeling and it hasn’t let me down yet.

Investment made in Grupeer = €1000.
In case of Grupeer, and the next investment I made a couple of days later – Envestio I was waiting a bit initially and informing myself more. In my opinion both are also a bit newer platforms but very good options if you are looking into alternative investments. Easy to use platform, where I spread my loans in 15% options of €50 each with buyback guarantee on all. They sometimes have 1% cashback options, but my deposit arrived 1 day too late in order to profit from it. This was actually the only platform that took two days to process my deposit. All the others had it the next working day. So please do keep this in mind if you would like to invest in Grupeer.

I manually invested in all of these since there are plenty of loans and I think that is how I will keep reinvesting in this platform.


Grupeer Available Loans

Grupeer Overview Of Loans

Investment made in Envestio = €1000.
I’ve only started today on this so not much to say other than everything went really smooth. I always like to see what I invest in with pretty pictures. For Envestio that means Real Estate loans, but also Energy (businesses) or Crypto Mining. As energy and environment are important to me, and becoming more important every day for our planed, I like the set-up of this platform very much. I feel this is a very good choice with many good things to come and gives one of the highest percentages (18%-22% at the moment) of my current investments. The total amount was invested manually in a matter of seconds.

Envestio Investment Loans

Envestio Overview Of My Investments

My goal is to write a full review of each of these platforms in the near future. Right now it’s a bit early to say anything about the returns – as it’s only a couple of euro each. But hey… that’s what I would get for the total investment (€5500 at this point) for 1 year on the bank. This was only in half a month… Remember, you can start peer to peer lending with a small amount and let compound interest do the rest of the work for you over the next years.

Thank you for reading and enjoy your day / evening! Feel free to get in contact if you have any specific questions and I will be happy to help you wherever I can.

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