Robocash Review 2019

Is the Peer to peer lending platform Bondora worth it? No! Look at Robocash instead.

Originally I had planned to review all the platforms I’ve invested in in order of my initial investments.

However, I decided to no longer write one for Bondora, as I don’t have many positive experiences with it. So I’m skipping straight to Robocash instead.

I’ve been thinking of converting my Bondora to the “Go and Grow” option, and go for 6.75% p.a. But why would I do this, when I compare Robocash having a fully buyback guaranteed 12% option?

I’m almost 12 months into this crowdlender and all is still going well.


Mintos Review 2019

Is Mintos a scam? Is Mintos trustworthy?

Those are the questions I see ever so often.

We’re coming up on 1 year on the platform and 10% interest received on my initial investment, so I feel it’s time now for a review of value. Anything written before were more speculations and opinions.


P2P Lending Portfolio update April 2019

Peer to Peer Lending: Portfolio update Apr 2019

Hello everyone with an Investors Mindset!

Thank you and welcome to another monthly update of my investment portfolio. As a small recap, I’ve started in June 2018 and build up my portfolio in P2P Investing to €10000. I’m nearing €11000 now within one year. Just let that sink in for a moment, and then compare it to your return on your savings account. I keep a healthy amount there for emergencies. But I’ve decided to continually (re)-invest the rest. That being said, I’ve strengthened my Stock Investments to €8000 this month. A lot of exciting stuff there too, with a lot of earnings being reported of stocks I own, plus early this month my first dividends!

As we are coming to a steady amount of readers I also want to launch an idea. Would you be interested in me supporting a charity? First I could do a poll and give a couple of options. Then I can show an actual investment in it, for example €100. We could also set-up a fund where our readers can assist that I will invest fully, with screenshots. As I think receiving things is great, but giving back and helping our planet in doing so is also important. Feel free to leave your comments below, for next month I could potentially include a poll to which charities as I have some in mind.

Here are the numbers of April 2019:

April 2019Received interestAccount Value
Neo Finance€2,96€1016,69


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